Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thinspo Walls

"Are you insane?! Do you realize how much time and effort that's going to take?"
Ana just laughed at my protests. "All the more time and effort you won't be able to spend on binging. Now come on, get to it."
I stared at my bedroom walls, covered in posters, pictures and random magazine clippings. It'd take forever to just get them all down. "It's impossible," i muttered.
"Oh no it isn't," Ana said, taking down the first poster. "Come on."
I sighed and followed her lead.
Together we took down everything that had been on my walls. An hour later they just looked barren, lonely and naked. It was really rather depressing.
"Now," Ana said, rubbing her boney hands together. "Thinspo time."
"On all the walls? Can't i keep some of my old posters up?"
"Fine, fine," she consented. "Two walls of thinspo. Two walls of your stupid crap."
I smiled and began covering my allotted two walls back up with my "stupid crap" while Ana scurried out to the computer to find some thinspo pictures. "Hey Ana?" i called after her.
"I want a whole wall of Keira Knightley."
She chuckled softly. "Alright. You've already got some pictures for that, don't you?"
"Yeah, but i'll need more."
"Ok. I'll be sure to get some Twiggy pictures too."
"When you're done with your stupid walls, look through your magazines for some more thinspo pictures; i think the printer's almost out of ink."
And thus we set out on an impossible project that would hopefully help me to get back my resolve to be thin and my hatred of eating.


  1. i wish i could make thinspo walls, but my mom thought i was a dyke for having kristen stewart as my desktop background so i can or it will raise suspicion

  2. Oh god I love thinspo walls. I used to have my whole door covered in my last place I lived. I put a few of my favorites back up. I can't wait to move to my apartment becaues I'll be making an ENTIRE wall of thinspo.

    i can't wait to post the thinspo i've been gathering for you

    if you ever need anyone

  3. Wow, that is such a good idea :). Keira Knightley and Twiggy are my favorite thinspo people! :) Good luck and I hope the printer doesnt run out of ink too quickly. xx

  4. You need to stop cutting. You worry me.
    Buuuut, im sure your walls will look awesome once you're done! :)

  5. Looks @ Sarah. Did I know you were a cutter? I don't have any room to talk, but I feel like I didn't know this fact about you. Hmmm... like I said, can't say anything because well, you know me :)

    mmm Twiggy thinspo. Take pics when your done. Love that I can see your room a bit from your ABC pics! haha. All my love.

  6. That is such a great idea! But I think my mom would start to (or get more) worried if I started sticking pictures of stick thin chicks all over my walls.

    Great idea though for not binging!

  7. Awesome I think we had the same idea! I wanted to do this yesterday but because of my weird walls (I was banned from the house, now the cellar is all mine :D and it's got weird walls, they are like stone!) I cant really put anything up. Tried but didn't work. Well hopefully your room looks even better now! Twiggy and Keira are amazing thinspo.
    You think you could post a picture of your new walls?
    Cheeers :)

  8. hey thinspo wall sounds good.
    i would do that that, but my mum would get suspicious :/
    goodluck babe! xxxx