Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thinspo Walls

Two done; one to go. Still need to get some ink to print off Kiera and Twiggy pictures, but here's the pictures of the ones i finished, as promised. Love you all.


  1. that actually looks really good.
    i might just do one of those.
    thanx for the idea!
    & ofcous we could start over together.i feel like such a failiure.
    we can be like online ana buddies, email me on
    if you want! :)
    yay can't wait!

  2. Baby your walls are looking incredible :)

    And yes! Lets run away, our town would be AMAZING. It should so have rationing so we literally can't binge :)

    Ly x

  3. I have that Orlando Bloom poster! Had it for like 3 years... haha. There's another Pirates film coming out if you didn't know! Woop!

    I wanted to say thank you for all your comments. You seem to always do it, even when I haven't been there for you. It's been so bad where I am for so long and I find it amazing that you've stuck with me. I'm so greatful girl. Karma's gonna give you a treat :)

  4. Nice walls, and hope you're still going on strong, sorry I haven't commented in a little while! But hope you're staying strong, and your recent writing has been just as great as usual.

  5. I need thinspo walls.
    I have a gorgeous 'L'agent provocateur' poster which is just loads of skinny women in underwear :)

  6. Not a problem :) thanks very much! I'm fasting today too. I've got a sore throat so there's a good excuse not to eat. My mum just gave me a spoonful of honey to swallow for my throat, and I spat it out again because it was disgusting. Just realised that I avoided some calories there :) hope your day's going well so far. We can do it.