Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok. Yesterday's fast didn't exactly happen... But i didn't freak out and binge or go over 1,000 Calories either, so it's progress from what was happening. Ana's ok with it, i think. I feel skinnier already, now that i don't have the binge bloat. And hanging out with Matt and Brandon went well. I love them equally... but Brandon loves me so... yeah. I'm officially his girl now, since a while ago actually. I may or may not have made love with him yesterday... Am i a freakin' whore?! I feel like i am sometimes, but it's always genuine and for love when i do that, so i don't know. Does anyone else get physical with guys too fast and then feel like a slut even though they love them? Or is that just me and my bad sense of judgment? He told me i was skinny and that he could see my rib cage though, so that made me happy...even though he had to be lying because i haven't seen my ribs in a while.
Oh dearie, i'm rambling. I promise to post normally very very soon... i know, i know, i promised that yesterday too, but life is crazy busy at the moment and my brain is fried, but NO MORE EXCUSES. I'll give you a good story post next time i'm on here.


  1. I do. I slept with my best friend when I was still with my boyfriend, not to spite anyone but just because I wanted to feel close to my friends...
    And.. I end up having sex with them.

    What a strange state of affairs aha.
    Well done on not binging and thank you SO much for my comment ^-^

  2. Good job girlie! Getting back on track can be hard, but it's great once you get there.

    As for boysboysboys, if you love him or like him, it's all good. I always get physical too fast. I don't like awkward and slow, so I'm in charge. ;D

    Stay strong babe, you're doing great.

  3. i definitly feel the same way u do. ive been dating the same guy for a year and a half and when ever we have sex i cry. and just feel like a complete whore. and i have no idea why

  4. Wait wait I've missed something.
    You're not with Matt anymore?

  5. YOu aren't a whore hunny. Brandon sounds like a good guy :) I hope things continue happily between the two of you. Stay strong! Glad you're feeling better