Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brandon Again.

Brandon's eyes were sincere as he whispered three magical words into my ear: "I love you."
What was i to say? What was i to do? I loved him too... i knew i did, but it was so soon. I still loved Matt as well. I was shaking. "I know you do," i said.
"And how do you feel about that, baby?" His arms wrapped around my waist, letting me feel small. I always felt tiny, breakable, but safe somehow with his arms around me.
"You're not small enough," Ana whispered, breaking the mood.
I ignored her and answered Brandon, "I don't even know."
"It's ok. You can tell me. I want you to be able to tell me everything," he said.
"I don't want to hurt you," i said, tears starting to run down my cheeks.
His big, gentle hands brushed them away. "No, no, don't cry, please." He leaned into me and stole a kiss.
"Ana!" my mind screamed. "What should i do?! You've always made decisions for me; i don't know how to make them myself!" But my mouth returned his kiss and my hands laced through his blond hair.
"Starve," Ana answered. "It's the answer to everything."
"It doesn't help with this!"
She shrugged. "Then follow your heart."
But my heart was broken, which allowed it to go in two different directions, one to Matt and one to Brandon. "Which part?" i asked aloud.
"What'd you say?" Brandon asked me.
"My heart," i said quickly. "It's fluttering."
"Mine too." Oh that Southern accent... Why did it have such an allure?
"I don't know what to do," i whispered into the night.
"Just be mine. I'll take care of you."
"For how long?"
"As long as we can make this last, which i hope is forever."
What was i to do with an answer like that?! Matt was gone... Brandon was right here in my arms. Matt had wanted me for my money and car... Brandon only wanted me for me. "I... I love you..." i said, my tone sounding a bit surprised.
"Say it again, baby, please. It sounds so good."
"I love you." This time more confident.
He smiled. "I love you too."
"Good, good," Ana muttered. "Enough of this ridiculous romantic stuff. Now you must not eat or you'll be fat and he'll leave you."
I sighed. Why couldn't she leave me--just for a few moments?


  1. My god. I wish I could be held like that.
    Only one person can do it right and I can never have him.
    I know about the whole "ana not leaving your mind thing". It's horrible. Whenever I'm hugging or anything like that it's always "God, I wonder if they can feel my rolls, what if they think I'm fat". Grr :(
    I hope everything goes well. He sounds really nice.
    If he's horrible to you I'll fly over and beat him up :)


  2. awe i am so happy for you! he sounds like an angel

  3. It's hard to find someone so caring, but you're such a nice girl from what I've read, so you deserve it.
    I hate feeling fat around guys! I'm scared they'll see/feel something gross.
    I hope you guys work it! Good job girlie. (:


  4. He sounds like an angel. YOu are one lucky chick!


  5. He sounds like a really good boy :) I hope you'll be happy with him.

    Stay strong, darling <3

  6. Aaaaaawwwww.

    Team Brandon.

    For sure, Team Brandon :)

  7. ahhhh brandon sounds fantastic! :) keep us updated.

  8. brandon sounds amazing!

  9. AWWW!!! :)

    Team Brandon for sure!!