Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tequila Rose!

"Here, hun, you have to try this," Jacob said, shoving a bottle of tequila rose my way.
"Calories?!" Ana screamed. "I don't know the Calorie count of that stuff!"
I smiled sweetly at him and tried to pacify both him and Ana. "I do have to drive home in less than an hour, you know?"
"Come on, it's me. You know i wouldn't give you anything that would mess you up to drive," Jacob told me. "You're not that much of a light-weight."
I trusted him, so much that i'd trust him with my life. He was one of my very best friends. I reached for the bottle.
"Jo, you don't know the Calorie count!" Ana cried.
"I haven't eaten anything all day, Ana. A couple Calories won't kill me." I tilted my head back and felt the liquor burn only a little bit on my throat. "Wow," i said. "It's delicious!"
Jacob laughed. "See? I told you. I could chug the whole bottle."
I laughed with him. "If i wasn't driving, i'd second that."
"Calories, Calories, Calories," Ana buzzed in my ear.
I tried to shut her up with another shot of tequila... Then a couple sips of Ryan's DeSorreno. I hadn't had much, but the room was starting to look a little weird, so i took one last shot of Jacob's drink and said i was done.
"Do you want some food or anything?" Ryan asked me.
Ana was in control as far as that went. "No, thanks though," i answered. Any normal person would have found that to be a good idea, seeing as i was a little tipsy from four shots of liquor and hadn't eaten all day, but not i. And certainly not Ana.

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  1. Oh man, Tequila is NOT my friend. Gives me a hangover the next morning if I even look at the stuff lol