Monday, October 19, 2009

Only in the Grip of Darkness Can we Shine Amidst the Brightest Stars

The title is a line from "The Death of Love" by Cradle of filth. If you like deathmetal definately check it out. It's an excellent song.
Yesterday was just a bad day. I'm feeling a lot better today, especially after reading all of your comments. Seriously, nothing puts a smile on my face better than getting on here and seeing that you all still love me, even when i mess up. It's magical! :)
I have this little fantasy where all of us in this little community meet each other at a coffee shop and have a huge party (without food, of course). Yeah.. i know it'll never happen, but i can keep dreaming! I'd hug all of you so tight! Lol. I love you guys!


  1. I've day dreamed about the same thing, well not a coffee shop, but how cool it would be to meet some of this community. Stay strong lovely!

  2. That would be so awesome :D
    I think that too, if only...

    Swansong for a Raven is one of my favourite COF songs ^-^


  3. Hunny, talk to me. I'm a bit worried about you. I think you're starting to lose the plot a bit because you're normally in so much control but Matt and Brandon are messing with that big time! I'm going to be honest -I reckon that you're anorexic because there are a number of deeply personal issues affecting you that you can't control so that this is your only method of controlling yourself! All I can say is that you must make sure that you identify the causes for your anorexic feelings, be sure not to make mistakes with your body and that you don't put guys on pedestals that they don't really deserve (you're better than matt)! Personally, because he's treated you as he has done in the past, I'd be pretty harsh and wouldn't give him any satisfaction that I may have liked him before. Give him stick for what he did to you -take the piss out of him x

  4. omg i would LOVE that!!