Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Only Way to Fix This is to Starve

I awoke with a sigh. "Ana?" i whispered.
"I'm here, sweetie," she replied, putting her tiny arms around me.
I put my head on her shoulder and burst into tears. "I don't know what to do," i sobbed.
"Shhh," she soothed, stroking my hair with her hand. "It'll all turn out ok; it always does."
"No, it never does."
"Talk to me, sweetie."
I shook my head. "I don't want to."
She smiled softly. "Yes, you do. I know you do."
"It's Matt and Brandon again," i told her. "Matt told me last night that he knew that Brandon had cheated on me. I'd say whatever because i know Matt just wants us to break up, but i know Brandon has cheated on his girl before, and once a cheater, always a cheater, you know? But i don't know. If i ask Brandon about it, he'll say he didn't, whether he did or not... And Matt will just keep insisting that he did. There's no way i can know what's going on."
"Wow, sweetie," Ana said with a shudder. "That's the worst situation you've been in yet. Maybe you should listen to Jacob and just take a break from everyone. Jacob does know a lot about a lot of things." She handed me the bottle of diet pills. "Here, take one of these."
I nodded and obliged, swallowing the pill down with gulps of water.
"Or maybe you could just starve, that'd solve things."
I shook my head. "You're ridiculous. How would that help anything?"
She shrugged. "It helps anything."
And sadly enough, she seemed so right.

*ok, everyone i really need your opinions on what to do about the Matt and Brandon situation... cuz i'm sooo confused and upset by it all. I love you all!


  1. They are both so confusing. Honestly, I think I would just move onto new guys...they are best friends and live right next to each other this cycle doesn't seem like it would ever end. Do you think that they will ever resolve and just let you be with the one you choose?

    Do what you think is right.

    Best of luck on this sticky situation!

  2. I think they're right, take a break from it all.. Then you have time to think, and what happens, happens.. you know?
    I'm sure it'll sort itself out anyway :)
    Hope you're doing well
    Love youu x

  3. I'm with Jacob... Take a break from both of them. Matt wants you for money and driving. And Brandon can't keep it in his pants... WTF is wrong with both of them? They can't see how amazing you are? I say fuck them! Take some time for yourself... Time to think, to breathe and to get skinny. I mean that's what you really want, right? Who needs guys to get skinny? ;)
    Be strong and think positively... =)

  4. Wow ... the entire Matt Brandon story seems a bit out of control - and has been for a while already, if i'm honest.
    Just remember how Matt was during your relationship. Not very nice, was he? So you really want to trust him again?
    Remember the post with the photos and your question "which team are you on?" i'd have gone for matt because he looks a lot better than brandon but brandon seemed like a nice guy.
    i guess you should not "blame" him without knowing because maybe Matt really is only trying to break you up.

    But you obviously need a break.
    From the boys.

    Yep i'm serious. Because ... you seem like someone who gets distracted very easily and I guess one of the reasons why you fail again and again (lets face it. you do.) is maybe your boyfriend/friend/who's who/what/supposed to be what-situation.

    maybe really take a while off and concentrate on ana?
    she doesnt lie to you, you noticed that?
    she never wants you any harm.

    why not focus on her for a little while?
    she must feel lonely, always has to share you with those guys who tear you apart and then she has to clean up the mess.

    dont do that to her. give yourself/yourselves a break.

  5. I woud move on to other guys. They are confusing and I think you deserve a lot more. You'll be happier without them

  6. Hey hun.. i'm agreeing with the take a break side. you'll never be able to trust Brandon if you don't now, and matt just uses you... you don't need either of them. i'm so sure there is somebody else out there who'll treat you like you should be treated and won't mess with your head.

  7. take a break. they always come back anyway ..
    PLUS .. it gives you time to be a little SELFISH and just focus on yourself, your goals, your progress. getting distracted with boys not only makes for blurry vision, it it confusing and painful.

  8. i think u should be 100% single for a month at least. 100% as in, no cuddling,kissing,or sleeping with ne one. u will feel so much happier when your free of all this drama. just concentrate on u for a while.

  9. matt used you for your car and your money. i've been cheated on and we worked through it, and we're now really happy together. so i'd say confront brandon. and besides, you don't know FOR SURE if he was cheating.