Thursday, October 15, 2009

350 Finally!

As i crawled into bed and snuggled up under the covers, my stomach gurgled. Ana giggled and wrapped her arms around me, "What a delightful sound!"
I smiled and agreed. "I'm hungry," i whispered in wonder. "I'd almost forgotten how good hunger felt."
"350 Calories today," Ana praised. "You'd best keep that up."
I nodded. "One meal a day, and that's IT. Once i start eating i have problems stopping, so only one opportunity to binge is 100 times better than three."
Ana nodded. "Good girl." And she planted a kiss on my cheek.
"I wish i could be sickeningly skinny right now," i whined. "If i was disgustingly skinny, i'd know who wanted me more: Matt or Brandon."
Again Ana nodded. "Once you're that skinny, nothing can stop you. You can do anything; know everything; be anyone."
It sounded absurd... Who would believe that skinniness could enable you to conquer the world, so to speak? But i did. I believed it with all my heart, soul, and spirit. And i needed to be skinny, disgustingly, bone-bareingly skinny.


  1. You ARE skinny, you skinny diva, you! Anywho, congrats on 350. Thats an awesome number. Keep up the good work.

  2. Good job girl! keep it up! And thats a toughie between the two boys. Personality is a huge thing with me. A guy can have super good looks, but if he is an ass, or boring..i quickly lose interest. Wish I could help. Stay strong!

  3. Choose whichever of the boys you properly love, and whoever will treat you best. No point going for one guy you're mad about if you know you're only going to get hurt.

    Thanks for the update :) keep in there and keep strong.

  4. "Rare is the union of beauty and purity." - Juvenal

    Ana makes ungliness beautiful.

  5. I just wanted to say that i think Matt wants you back maybe because you are now with brandon and he envies him. All boys want ahat they cant have.
    and brandon is so sweet, totally a keeper.

    And i havent eaten anything sweet all day. tahnk for your post.

    saty strong

  6. Also, I kind of agree with -H-...if he just wants you because you're with someone else, he's just going to lose interest once he has you. Show him nothing but a chilly shoulder!

  7. Good job! You are amazing. And I agree with you, Once you feel good about yourself , nothing can stop you!
    Keep up the good job.

  8. you are fricken gorgeous girl. and it is true. thin girls get pretty much what ever they want and whoever they want lol