Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stop Telling Me I'm Not Disordered!

Ok. To all of you who keep telling me i'm stupid or not anorexic or whatever, go fuck yourself. I never claimed to be anorexic. I said Ana was my friend; i did not say she ruled my life. I am EDNOS, but seriously, how do you personify EDNOS? EDNOS said this, EDNOS did that... Yeah that just doesn't sound as good. Did i ever claim to be anorexic? NO! I am Pro-Ana, that doesn't mean i'm anorexic. Go do your research.

And as far as not being disordered at all: well i'm pretty damn sure that i am. When you want to look like a skeleton, i'd say you're disordered. I want to see my ribs; i want to see my hip bones; i want my cheek bones to stand out; i want my collarbones to poke through my skin. I want to be TOO THIN (as if there is such a thing). That is my definition of beautiful. When i say Ana will make me beautiful, i don't mean big boobs, tiny waist and a nice ass, which is what all of you probably think. No, i mean skeletal, painfully thin, like a breath of wind could blow me away.

This is what you think is beauty:

This is what i know is beauty:


  1. I'm completely in agreement with you! The people that say shit like that are just retarded and really need to do some research. And you'll get there and be beautifully thin (:


  2. Kudos hun :)
    I was thinking about this the other day. I don't fit the classification for anorexic or bulimic but I eat under 1000 cals a day and I purge a lot. Normal people don't do that, wouldn't even consider it. My eating is disordered, your eating is disordered and fuck, the guy who weights 600lbs- his eating is disordered too.

    I hate it when people think they're doctors... humm..


  3. I love this post. Who was saying that bull shit? Fuck them. i love you. you go Jo!

  4. I figured you were anorexic with all of your mentions of "Your Friend Ana," but I can see now how being Pro-Ana and Anorexic can be different. One seems to lead to the other.

    I don't think simply wanting to be stick thin and believing stick thin people are beautiful means you are disordered, though. It's odd I guess, but not a disorder. The fact that you are obsessed with becoming that thin, starving yourself and exercising to a dangerous extent is definitely indicative of a disorder. For people to read your blog and think your train of thought about weight loss is totally normal is kind of amazing.

    It's your body, and you can govern it however you want as long as it gives you some sense of satisfaction. It's not like you don't know what you're getting yourself into.
    You're skinny, not stupid :P


  5. Most people do fit into the ED-NOS category, since AN and BN both have very specific criteria to be 'officially' diagnosed.

    But people with ED-NOS usually lean towards one side of the spectrum. I wish people would understand that.

  6. alot of people dont even know ednos exists i found this out when everyboy was saying someone i know is anorexic or seemed to be but wasnt that thin i was like "no EDNOS" i got lots of blank faces and a few "eh? E-D-N-what?"

    as scary as i know it is i agree with your point of view of beauty there was this gilr at school i thought she looked amzing i wanted to be as thin as her would have killed for her legs then she dissapeared i assumed she had left but actually she was anorexic and had been hospitalised i still thought she was beautiful

    xx sorry for long comment

  7. I totally agree EDNOS is not made up. I think of it as the physical manifestation of a messed up / non-traditional mental state towards food and beauty. Without the physical manifestation, you can have a perfectly normal food life - that's the key towards EDNOS, without the physical food intake aspect, you just have low self esteem.

    sorry ramblings probably no one agrees I might not even agree with myself given a good enough argument... thanks for the thought provoking post.