Monday, February 1, 2010


Sooo today i have a big surprise for you all. Lol. I'm just like a kid trying to please mommy with a surprise! It's stupid, but nonetheless, i think it's awesome...
Anywho, here it is:
Ok, ok, i know that's not that great, but you have to realize that it IS me. Failure me, and i've made it to day 3 without messing up.
My new plan is to do the ABC with Sunday's being free days because Sunday is when my parents insist i eat some of the most high calorie pizza in the world! But i'll make sure i never go over 2000 on sundays, which i'll bump down to 1000 eventually.
I'm proud of myself; could you tell? Lol.
Also i want to say thank you to all of you lovely folks who leave me support and comments. I love you all more than words can even say!


  1. Awesome job! Maybe I'll try joining you...I'm trying to stay real low this week.

    (Stupid C has been bothering me all weekend, too. She seriously needs to curl up and die.)

  2. aww we're all so proud of you :)
    it's amazing to hear you're doing so great now.
    You're really one of the best bloggers .. ever ! Lol.
    And the only one I follow absolutely everyday .

    xoxo, Cudy .

  3. Your post from yesterday? Fantasmically inspirational. Thank you. <3

    your post from today? HOORAY!!!!!
    I'm happy for you! Keep it up, and laugh in the face of calories!

  4. ik i hate how my parental units always make me eat so much

  5. Congratulations! I wish I had the patience to do ABC, maybe I'll attempt it someday. :) Good luck, I'm sure you can finish it if you really put your heart into it!

  6. Well done hun! Im on day 3 of ABC too!
    Stay strong.

  7. thts really really great!!. watch the sundays tho, dont go to high because then youll really mess up the ABC diet. keep it at 1000 or less now, because over 1000 is considered normal dieting eating. the 2000 will screw up your whole diet.

  8. Congrats! I don´t know if I could do that.
    You should be proud of yourself:)
    Just keep up the good work;)
    Lots of Love.

    Peace Out<3

  9. Yay just getting to day 3 is an achievement. It's hard but you'll do good, I know you will. We will stay strong together.

  10. good job =) you can do it!

  11. day three. thats amazing. honestly. i cant do it.

  12. omg CONGRATS! i know how hard its been for alot of girls lately and im so happy to see you rebounding. your doing so great! i think its a great idea to allow yourself a "cheat" day once a week, mines on saturday:)(pizza for me too). keep up the good work. all it takes is a little momentum and youll be super skinny in no time !
    stay strong

  13. aw yay!!!
    congrats!! go tell C she can go kill herself. haha

    btw how much have you lost so far? i really want to try ABC :D

  14. Sounds like a good plan. You can make it! Thanks for your comment on my last post. You rock


  15. hi I just started reading your blog, it really helps me. I started ABC today and failed by 130 cals. BUT I'm going to stick with it, you stay strong too!