Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On My Way

The floor rushed at me like a million charging rhinos, and my hand reached out for the wall to steady myself. I shook my head and blinked the black out of my eyes. "Woah," i whispered.
"Jo? Are you all right?" my mom asked from her seat on the couch a few feet away from me.
"Uh oh," Ana said.
I nodded. "Yeah, i'm fine, Mom. The wall just jumped out in front of me. It tends to do that in the mornings when i'm not awake."
She laughed, and i continued back to my room. "That was amazing," i said to Ana. "I've never been so close to passing out."
"You're getting stronger in your weakness," Ana told me with a giggle.
I knew i shouldn't like the sensation of nearly falling over; i knew that the shakiness couldn't be good for me. Yet, it was all so new and amazing. I'd never done so well for so long, and it felt wonderful. Ana's praise and good mood certainly helped as well.... Shaun didn't know, of course. He'd be awfully upset if he did, but that was ok. Some secrets are better kept secret.
"I'm all secrets," Ana had warned me when we'd first met. "I'll make you tell lies and hide things from the ones you love."
"But you'll make me thin?"
"Of course, sweetie. I can make anyone thin."
But so far, she'd only kept the first part of her promise: the secrecy part.
"Those are dark thoughts in your head, sweetie," Ana muttered. "You don't think i'm not going to keep the second part of my promise, do you?"
"No, no," i replied. "I know you will."
She nodded. "You're on your way, dearest."
And i knew i was.

Here's my food log for the past few days of ABC, because you all were so happy with my news that i was on day 3 of it, and i love making ya'll happy :)

Day 1 - salad(110), turkey wrap x 2(200) =310
Day 2 - cereal(220), tangerine(40), chicken(100) =360
Sunday = cheat day
Day 3 - oatmeal(75), yogurt(100) =175

And the best part is, i've been UNDER the limit all three days!


  1. OMG YAYYYY ((: good job! you inspire me ^_^

  2. congrats you're doing a great job!

  3. wow you did amazing! can you spare some self control for me?lol. keep up the good work. your going to be super skinny in no time!
    stay strong

  4. I love that feeling!
    It's unhealthy, I know, but the almost pass-out is like the best pat on the back you can get. It says, "You're losing weight. Right NOW. While you're walking. Your body has nothing else to do but lose weight!"

    I'm glad you're doing so well on ABC-
    Keep it up! It'll pay off!

  5. I'm so proud of you! That's amazing, and yes Ana is all about secrets, which is why the internet is amazing, it gives us someone to talk to.

  6. Great job girlie! And yes it's a little odd how the fainting/secret keeping ends up being almost... fun? And when I say "almost" fun I mean yeah it's super fun. I don't know why. Haha. Keep up the good work. : )

  7. Well done hun, you're doing so well. In my absence of blogging your blog is one of the 3 I always read. no matter what. Feel special :P
    Good luck! Stay strong.

  8. Excellent work!
    I secretly love almost fainting, it makes me feel so strong!
    Keep going, I'm there with you.

  9. Congratulations!! I'm starting ABC for the first time - I'm just on Day 2 - but your success is really inspiring. We can do this!

  10. Well done! If you do feel dizzy or faint try a herb tea. They help me sometimes. Sorry i havn't been commenting at all, it wont let me on the other computer which i always use.