Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Letter from Ana

Dear Jo,
Don't you see, sweetie? You're ruining yourself! All of this eating has to stop. It's making you depressed, dysfunctional, and worst of all, fat! You're so much happier when you're restricting; i don't know why you forget that every time you see a cheesecake. Please, please stop this eating madness. I just want you to be thin and happy, but you've got to let me help you.
Do you remember the post you did on the Staircase Diet? Why don't you try that? I know, i know, it seems like a lot of Calories starting out, but honestly, anything will be better than what you've been doing. Just try it, dear. Get through the whole thing, and i promise i'll give you some sort of reward at the end, not to mention you'll actually be thinner!
Now what are you doing in front of the computer at this time of day? You're meant to be on the treadmill. Today's day three of the running program (at least you're sticking with that so far). Go on, go on, get dressed and hop onto the treadmill!
All my love,


  1. Isn't it werid how restricting makes the chaos go away? Good luck with the new running scheme!

  2. i think the staircase diet sounds like an excellent way to get back on track.sometimes all we need is a little guidance and i think that diet plan will work for you perfectly. great job on sticking with the running program!
    stay strong

  3. You can do this...Ana's being gentle with you, and you're being gentle with yourself... This is good. The treadmill...god, I should be on it, too. The computer does so much for me, and yet it requires that I sit, stagnant, sedentary, letting the 1,000 calories I've already eaten today seep into my fat even further, making it bigger... If I can ignore my knee pain long enough, perhaps I can go for a run with you. ;)

    Stay lovely, dear. <3

  4. I know you can do it Jo.

  5. stay strong love! its hard to restrict and even harder on you not to~! we're all here for you~!

  6. The staircase diet will probably be really good for you. The ABC isnt quite as good for your metabolism.. Well done with the running program so far! :) xx

  7. "it's making you, depressed, dysfunctional, and worst of all, fat"

    that is exactly how i feel, spot on

  8. Why are you personifying ana this way?
    Ana isn't a best friend.
    It's like you want to be crazier; I could swear that this is how an anoretic admitted she felt after months and months of therapy.
    Seek help, please. :C

  9. go for it girrl!!! the staircase diet sounds good..i KNOW you can do it. i beilive in you. i know how strong you are, dont let a little slip up bring you down babe, get up and fight. i'm here for ya. :D