Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jacob and Ana

Wow. Yesterday was the best day ever.
Jacob and i spent all day together. I got my first kiss from him and he couldn't get enough kisses from me. Lol. It was so beautiful. The best part was the obvious innocence and love behind the kisses. I know he's not just trying to get into my pants like most guys. His sister loves me, and wants me to move in. I love her too. Lol. I've spent all my life looking for a love like i've found with him. It's incredible beyond worlds. He told me he wants to marry me (already!), and it didn't even freak me out. It's what i want too. Oh, my dears, i'm so in love with this man!
On to Ana news. I ate around 1000 Calories yesterday, but i'm not upset about it. I haven't really been counting the past few days; i've just been avoiding food. Eating maybe once a day. I'm pretty much always hungry so that's a good sign, right? I'm still fat though... but i think i might be bloated because my period might be coming? I dunno. i don't really pay attention to when that shows up; it just does. I've been having cramps though.
Jacob is massively thinspirational too. Whenever i hug him i can feel the bones in his back, and i can feel his ribs if i run my hands down his sides. (He showed me that because he knows how pretty i think ribs are.) He love hipbones, so i've gotta get mine showing for him! :) Also, he had dinner with my family, and ate just as strangely (in their eyes) as i do. My mom made macaroni and cheese, creamed corn, and hot sausage sandwiches. I don't eat pork. It's just not an option, so all i ate was a lot of corn and a bit of mac n cheese. He did the exact same thing! It's great to have someone who eats as little as me and doesn't yell at me for it. He and Ana shall get along splendidly.
I love you all soooo much!!! I PROMISE i'm off to read and comment on all your lovely blogs now. Sorry i've been slacking. I love youuuu! :)


  1. I'm glad things are getting better,I hope its stays like this <3

  2. I'm so happy for you! You deserve a nice guy.

  3. omg thats great! im so glad everything is working out. and im also insanely jealous of how sweet your guy sounds lol.
    stay strong

  4. I'm glad you're feeling so good :) He sounds nice.

  5. He sounds lovely, and even better if he's keeping you going. x

  6. Oh wow, this is so awesome! I'm so happy for you :) You deserve it, honey :D

  7. it's so great that you've found a nice guy :] he sounds so sweet