Monday, February 15, 2010

Post-Valentine's Day

I opened my eyes and stretched, not ready to get out of bed just yet. I rolled over and closed my eyes again, but Ana pounced on me. "Nope," she said perkily. "Up and at 'em!"
I groaned.
"Up,up,up!" she insisted, trying to shake the bed, but failing because she was too light.
I pulled the pillow over my head. "Five more minutes."
"No, you great, dense ox!" she said, laughing as she pulled the pillow out of my hands. "You have to get up now or you'll not have time to work out."
"But i don't want to work out," i whined.
She rolled her eyes and smacked me with the pillow. "Too. Bad." she said, emphasizing each word with a thud of the pillow. "You've gotta do something to make up for yesterday."
Oh yesterday... It'd been horrid. Valentines Day was always horrid, but this year it was supposed to be all right. I wasn't single at least, and i had a boyfriend who really seemed to care. The problem was, it wasn't all right. He was broke, jobless (not his fault, but still...) so buying me anything was rather out of the question. That wouldn't have been a problem if he'd at least sent me a text or called me that morning and told me happy Valentines Day, or even tried to get to see me. But no, i'd heard absolutely nothing from him until 8:30 that evening. By then it was too late; the damage had already been done. 2 pieces of pizza and an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream later, i still felt awful, perhaps even more so.
I sighed and rolled out of bed. "Fine," i said. "I'm up."
She smiled and clapped her hands. "Good. I'm so excited. I'm going to have you restart the running program you dropped last week, and i'm going to have you restart the ABC."
I smiled weakly. "Lovely." But i was really too afraid of failing again to feel that it was lovely at all.


  1. Yesterday was absolutely terrible for me too.. I think because the day is supposed to be special, when we get let down it hurts so much more =/

    Here's to a new day =)

  2. oh hun im so sorry you had a bad valentines day too. guys suck and almost always do/say the wrong thing. he should have at least called. but hey, take all of that anger and pain and use it for something good.when i had my running shoes i would go for a looong run every time i was angry and it really seemed to help me.just hang in there, sbb is right, its a new day.
    stay strong

  3. aaaawww that sucks, but the running program we will do together!

  4. my heart sank when reading this
    you can get through this

  5. Valentines day was invented for greeting card companies sake. It's bullshit.

    You seem to get on the bandwagon (so to speak)
    and can manage for a day or too but than you lose sight of what you want. When it comes to food, just say no. It's so simple, no dilberating, just NO.

    Hope this helps, you look lovely by the way in some of your previous pictures.