Friday, February 5, 2010

Big Surprise--Not

Well, yesterday did NOT go as planned either. I went over to Rita's house and spent some time with her and her sister, Tina. They're both so skinny and pretty. The difference between us is, Tina actually eats normally and stays that way. Rita doesn't eat much though... You can see her bones, and they're beautiful.
But Tina ate some stuff while i was with her and then Rita actually ate a bit too. I was absolutely starving, but refrained form eating up their entire kitchen. I didn't refrain from binging when i got home though. I guess seeing beautiful girls eating makes me think that i can eat too. I don't know. Grrr...
So um anyways... i don't really know what my plan is now. I'll figure it out later when i'm feeling less hate for myself.
It's been a while since i put up some pictures for you all... so i'll do that now, but i'mma hide behind my blanket cuz a)it's cold and b) i'm fat. I hope you're all doing much much better than me.

Ha, i'm such a sterotypical scene-kid in my black shirt with skull-covered shorts and a Nightmare Before Christmas blanket. Lol. How unoriginal.


  1. omg, you're not the only one, whenever i see my skinny bitch of a sister eat, i eat with her, only problem is...she stays at 110lbs..and i shoot up :(
    skinny people are so ..GRR!
    goodluck on whatever plan you come up with. :) loveyouxxx

  2. I totally understand your binge. Hate naturally skinny people:P
    I am just like you! I LOVELOVELOVE Nightmare Before Christmas one of my faves=) Just wondering are you a Tim Burton fan?
    Good luck tomorrow, stay strong. Lots of Love.

    Peace Out<3

  3. dunno but as i cannot see your body cos you cover it---your face looks really really thin---

  4. Good luck on yer next plan, imma sure you'll be juustt fine. :D

  5. just so we are all aware... I have a Jack belt!!! If you don't love Jack you are soooooo not cool!!! jk... but seriously Jack rocks my socks!!!... or belt in this case...

  6. Jack is my secret lover

    good luck with your new goals


  7. You are really pretty and your posts are my thinspo...I LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas too. One of my favorites...I have it on VHS