Saturday, February 27, 2010

Loves of My Life

"I love Jacob," Ana giggled.
I wrapped my arms around her. "Me too," i said, picking up her weightless body and twirling her around. "And i love you!"
She laughed again. "Put me down, you goose!"
I obeyed with a laugh. "But why is it you say you love my love?" i asked her.
"I talked with him last night," she replied. "He doesn't want to change you at all, and he doesn't want to take me away because i'm a part of who you are. He loves me simply because i'm part of you."
I smiled at her. "I know that."
She nodded. "Yes, but do you also know that he's alright with just how little you eat? I've told him how little you eat, and how little i'd want you to eat, and he said that as long as it's not making you sick or anything, he's perfectly fine with it. Now, you and i both know that a bit less food wouldn't hurt you in the very least. You'd still be perfectly healthy."
"I'm ready to try ABC again," i said suddenly.
She raised her eyebrows. "Are you sure?"
I nodded vigorously. "Of course. I'm not afraid to fail; i'm not afraid of someone trying to 'fix' me. I'm not afraid of anything anymore. In fact, i'm excited to begin."
She wrapped her bony arms around me. "Wonderful, sweetie. Absolutely wonderful!"

*Here's some pictures of the loves of my life for all of you lovely folks who read my blog (if i could post a picture of all of you here, i would, because i love you too so very much):

and Jacob


  1. Awww!! I love *you* too! :D

    Oooh, and I LOVE love love a boy with long hair. Rawr. ;)

    I'm so glad you're feeling so wonderful. It truly makes my day to read of your happiness.

    Stay lovely, sweetie! <3

  2. doesn't he look a bit....pale?

  3. What's ABC? That's a creepy cool pic of Ana, and Jacob is really cute!

  4. Yay You!!!! this is so exciting... I'm excited for you lol.... and Jacob is cute

  5. Jacob seems like he'd be super down with wearing full face make-up in the vein of members of The Misfits and that it would probably look super good on him... I suggest that you make him do this and take a picture.

    And good luck on doing ABC, and congratulations on feeling like you're ready. I'd like to do it again but I just don't feel ready, y'know?

  6. I just found your blog, and I'm so glad I did. I really like your posts. Even though I'm new here, congratz on Jacob!! :] Good luck with ABC, don't hurt yourself <3

  7. *smile*-for your happiness and both your loves

  8. awwwwwww, you are so in love..and it is soooo cute! i think you have found your match. you two were made for each other! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    love ya! <3

  9. *jealoussss*** go you for scoring a hottie :]]]
    good luck with your abc, i know you can do it!
    stay strong <333

  10. If Jacob is helping you avoid binges or being super depressed I love him too!!!!!!

    I love you. Just work on your goals slowly. I know you can do it

    i'm smiling

  11. aww I love you too!! Lol and I feel like an idiot but what does ABC stand for? =O I know I'm kinda slow at abbreviations =(

  12. lol never mind I figured it out =) good luck!

  13. Ok, so this is kind of random...but I just found out one of my friends has an eating disorder, and I really want to help her. In your experience, was there anything anyone ever said or did that made you feel better? I want to let my friend know that she truly is lovely, but I feel like just telling her that won't make it any better. Do you have any suggestions?

  14. Great love..keep it up..everyone thinks im doing better but ive had to convince them otherwise..stay strong

  15. I'm happy you've found love ^^ Jacob sounds like a great person for you. I'm actually quite jalous, I have to say XD
    It gives me hope for finding love myself to one day ^^

    I hope you will be happy together and never will have to separate.

  16. Good luck! Jacob is a keeper :) What is ABC??\