Friday, July 24, 2009

Intermission #2: To All my Lovely Followers

All of you fabulous people who follow me, i just want to say thank you soo very very much. Without you all, i would not have half the determination i have now. You are all my thinspirations, and i have fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with the whole lot of you. So thank you for your amazing support, and for all the beautiful comments you give me all the time. They really do make my day.
Stay strong, everyone. You have helped me to do so.
Much much love. <3


  1. youre welcome lovely. :)

    but dont be so sure im normal yet!
    there is still a great possibility that i could be hypothyroid.

    and yes, everything looks normal.
    but your thyroid is very tricky. it could be functioning normal.. but the T4 could also not be converting to T3 that well.

    i did meth for five years and that gives you like a constant stream of adrenaline surging through your body which would inhibit the T4 from converting. i have the difficulty losing weight, i have the ridges on my nails, i have hair growing on my sideburns that shouldnt be there, i am tired allllllllllll the time..
    i am hypothyroid and i am not convinced otherwise. tsh can read fine but there can be circumstances (like mine) that would cause something to go wrong..

    so im going to talk to my doctor and we will get it figured out. :D if all comes back normal, that it fine. but im not convinced yet. its not just about the weight.. its about being tired all the time.

  2. i understand what youre saying, knowing that people are watching your progress is really motivating.. innit?
    you always want to do good so you can tell the good news and get the welldones and wows. :D

    you're a good follower too. you leave really nnice comments.
    thankyou!! & goodluck!!! xxxx

  3. glad you are posting! Its interesting to read your blog

    stay strong