Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ana Returns

"Miss me?"
"Holy hell, yes! Please don't ever take the day off again, no matter how much i beg." I fell into Ana's open arms. "I ate so much crap... now look at me!"
Yesterday had been Ana's day off. I'd begged and pleaded with her to give me just one day to eat whatever i wanted, and she'd reluctantly agreed. And i'd eaten... I'd eaten everything in sight. I could almost feel my body expanding as i ate, my arms and thighs ballooning out around my bloated stomach, but it didn't stop me. I'd just eaten, and it was still affecting me today. I was bloated from the intense binge that had been all day yesterday, and i was having extreme sugar cravings.
Ana handed me an apple. "Natural sweetness, negative calories."
"Thanks." I bit into it. "Look at me, Ana. I'm a huge mess from just one day!" A tear slipped down my cheek, but Ana brushed it away.
"That's why you need me," she said. "I'll fix you up, but you gotta listen to me, OK?"
I nodded.
Ana smiled and wound the bracelet we'd made together around my wrist-- a braid of red string that told the world i belonged to her and reminded me the same thing. "Good," she said. "I found a killer-hard workout yesterday. Want to try it?"
I nodded again. "OK, lets go." I tossed my apple core in the trash. Surprisingly it had helped me... But then i saw the peanut butter.
"Hey!" Ana snapped, catching my hand that was now holding the jar. "500 Calories is your max. today. Do NOT go over." There was a warning in her voice.
I set it down with a sigh. "OK. Let's go work out."
"Now that's better," she laughed, her voice light again. And we headed for the door.

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