Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ana's Day Off

I woke up in the middle of the night, shocked and afraid. "Please tell me that was just a dream," i thought. I couldn't really have eaten all that could i? I took a careful inventory of everything: turkey with gravy (370 Calories), mashed potatoes with butter and gravy (320), ice cream (260), two poptarts (400). "Dammit..." i muttered and reached for the knife i kept on my dresser.
"Hey, take it easy on yourself," i heard Ana saying. Then she flipped on the light, blinding me for a few painful seconds. "It was just a dream; i made sure you didn't eat anything in your sleep either."
"Oh," i sighed and began to laugh.
Ana joined my nearly hysterical laughter and took the knife from my hand. "Quite a nightmare, huh?"
"Yeah... really bad binge." I couldn't tell her more, couldn't bear to admit to all of those dream Calories.
"I know."
I blinked, and not from the light this time. "What do you mean you know?" i asked her.
"I gave you the dream, sweetie. To remind you not to go overboard on my day off."
I nodded, remembering she'd agreed to give me a day to not worry about Calories or starvation, but that dream had given me a glimpse of what might happen. "Ana, i... i don't think i want you to take the day off anymore."
She smiled, her thin face looking exceptionally beautiful to me. "I was so hoping you'd feel that way. Shall we discuss meal plans?"
I nodded eagerly.

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