Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ana Boot Camp Plan

Ana pointed me to Kat's blog. "There's the list of what you have to do for me," she said determinedly. Then she gently kissed my forehead. "Stay strong, sweetie. I know you can do it."
Day 1: 500 calories
Day 2: 500 calories
Day 3: 300 calories
Day 4: 400 calories
Day 5: 100 calories
Day 6: 200 calories
Day 7: 300 calories
Day 8: 400 calories
Day 9: 500 calories
Day 10: fast
Day 11: 150 calories
Day 12: 200 calories
Day 13: 400 calories
Day 14: 350 calories
Day 15: 250 calories
Day 16: 200 calories
Day 17: fast
Day 18: 200 calories
Day 19: 100 calories
Day 20: fast
Day 21: 300 calories
Day 22: 250 calories
Day 23: 200 calories
Day 24: 150 calories
Day 25: 100 calories
Day 26: 50 calories
Day 27: 100 calories
Day 28: 200 calories
Day 29: 200 calories
Day 30: 300 calories
Day 31: 800
Day 32: fast
Day 33: 250 calories
Day 34: 350 calories
Day 35: 450 calories
Day 36: fast
Day 37: 500 calories
Day 38: 450 calories
Day 39: 400 calories
Day 40: 350 calories
Day 41: 300 calories
Day 42: 250 calories
Day 43: 200 calories
Day 44: 200 calories
Day 45: 250 calories
Day 46: 200 calories
Day 47: 300 calories
Day 48: 200 calories
Day 49: 150 calories
Day 50: fast


  1. Time for me to restart the ABC? I think so.

    I love your blog <3

  2. i absolutely love your blog, you're an amazing writer.

  3. Good luck on ABC :) I tried and couldn't stick it out... works for some people though. Well done if you can!

  4. I really like the way you write.

    Stay safe.

    Yasmine. xx

  5. pokerface really is great lol :D

    I really love your style of writing <3

    Tea really helps me while fasting. Dot ( gave me the idea! Already had two today :)

    Well my parents give me lots of freedom. For example they never control if I study enough for school or something. They trust in me and at the end of the year they see that bring good good results home. So they also say it's ok if I fast. But I'm sure they will start to worry if I keep fasting for a longer time.
    But sometimes I just grab some food from the kitchen so that they do see it, and when I'm in my room I give it to my dogs lol. ;)

    keep it up! :) <3

  6. heya, omg, i just read through all your blogs & for some reason i feel like crying.
    dunno y,lol!
    i love your blogs.
    omg i get goosebumps at times, :D

  7. Good luck with the ABC's, I'm on day three. Stay strong!

  8. 14 followers and 8 comments! You're doing well girl :)

  9. I really love your blog it's so creative. good luck with ABC

  10. I'm on day 6 of the ABC diet. Stay strong. Its worth it. Drink lots of water.


  11. whats everyones results on the abc? i started it today and im curious how much ill lose(:

  12. I've just finished day 4 and starting day 5 of the ABC. Lost 3 lbs :) Think thin girlies x

  13. Today is my first day on the ABC diet....I'm tired of being fat. I used to love my body, then I had a baby and it's been all down hill from there....I could really use tips and advice on how to stick to it. I want to lose about 30 pounds. Anyone know how long that would take?

  14. Day 2 here, I feel like I'm on the cusp of lightheadedness...but so far so good! Feeling really determined to make it thru to Day 50. I've scoured the web, however, and I'm having trouble finding anyone who's made it all the way thru. Do you guys know of anyone who's made it thru ABC?--Aryhn

  15. im 13, & ive always been the fat girl. im 5'3 & around 150 pounds, give or take a few pounds. people say i look fine cause im a C cup & they say my butt is pretty big, but i think im huge all around. i want to be pretty. & i wanna be thin. or at least the closest thing to it; skinny.

  16. I'm starting on monday. I'm. 5 foot 6 '& I weigh 140 I just wanna be different thinner so I can feel beautiful for once I'm using tips like chewing on gum, drinking loads of water, chewing ice , '& bits of baby carrots wish me goood luck :)

  17. My first day today, not feeling hungry so far, I really need to slim down I can't stand being big, I'm gonna do 50 days and let people know how the end result is, thanks for the blog :)