Friday, July 10, 2009

Day Three: Ana's Praise

I collapsed onto my bed, more to get away from the kitchen than anything else, but i really was tired too. Ana sat down next to me and ran her bony hand up and down my spine--the spine she was going to make me able to see! "You're doing great, sweetie," she told me.
I grinned over at her. "Am i really?"
"Duh," she laughed. "I'd never lie to you."
"Good point." Ana always told the truth, even when it hurt. That's how she had gotten me to follow her, by telling me the truth about my body. "So today was crazy," i said. "I can't believe so many people go through life thinking they need food. I mean, i worked my butt off today, all on only 75 Calories from breakfast."
And i really had worked my butt off: 5 1/2 hours of farm work. It was Ana's idea; she'd told me to get a job that involved a lot of physical labor. I'd gone from there and chosen a farm. Today was my first day working, and i'd spent it learning the true meaning of physical labor. I'd toted two 5-gallon buckets (one for each hand) full of cheese around for what seemed like forever, my arms screaming at me to stop. When i finally did stop that, i was busy carrying 50 pound bags of grain, and then i'd milked the cows and cleaned up afterward. "It's just as good as going to the gym, don't you think?" Y'vonne, the girl i was working with, had joked. I agreed with a bitter smile; i knew Ana would have me on the treadmill tonight anyway. Not that it was a bad thing; Ana always knows best.
"That's exactly what i've been trying to tell you," Ana said, bringing me out of my musings. "Food isn't really necessary, but i guess you just had to experience it to understand." She smiled at me as she picked up my food journal and read over the day's entry. "300 Calories and a shit-ton of work. Not bad, not bad at all."
Then she said four words that made me want to dance. "I'm proud of you."

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