Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rude People Only Tell the Truth

"Wake up with me!" i said, playfully kissing Jacob's closed eyes.
He opened one eye a crack and said, "I'm awake."
I laughed. "No, you're not. Wake up with me. I gotta walk to the post office and get this bill in the mail."
"You could drive there," he said through a yawn.
I shook my head. "No need to waste the gas like that. It's less than half a mile. Come walk with me."
His turn to shake his head. "I don't wanna walk, baby girl. It's gonna be hot... and i wanna sleep."
Once again i laughed. "All right then, go back to sleep and be ready to wake up with me when i get back."
He mumbled something incoherent as was his tendency when he was half asleep and kissed my lips. "Love you."
"And i love you," i replied and headed out the door.
As i walked along, i looked down at the ground, but got distracted by my fat, white, jiggly thighs. "What was i thinking, wearing short shorts?" i growled to myself. "Maybe i'm glad Jacob isn't here to see this disgusting jiggling mess of fat."
Ana nodded as she appeared beside me. "They do wobble with every step, don't they? You need to get some daily exercise and not eat so much."
I sighed and tried to ignore her as i finished my trip to the post office. On the way back home, i heard a sarcastic voice say, "Here comes a hottie!" Its owner smirked as he waved his hand in my direction.
"Oh, dude..." his companion groaned softly, putting his head in his hands after looking at me.
I did my best to keep my chin up as i walked past the both of them, and once they were out of sight, i sprinted the rest of the way to the house, hoping that i wouldn't encounter any other people at all.
"They had a perfect reason to mock you, fatty," Ana said as i opened the door and blinked back a few tears.
"Shut up," i responded and headed back to the bedroom where Jacob was.
I didn't say a word as i crawled under the covers next to him, hoping he'd stay asleep and not see my pain, but his beautiful eyes opened and his arms wrapped around me. "What's wrong, gorgeous?"
I cringed at that pet-name that i knew had to be a lie and shook my head. "No, i'm fine."
He frowned. "You sure?"
I nodded. "I'm sure."
"Ok," he replied, but the worried look didn't leave his face. His hands moved gently over my back and sides.
I buried my head in the pillow and prayed that he didn't touch the disgusting fatness of my stomach. "I'm going back to sleep," i said, fighting to hide my hurt from him. This was not an experience i wanted to share with him.


  1. wow ... just found your blog and i'm in love!
    your beautiful writing is amazing :*
    but you can't be fat :* i'm hoping to scroll down and see a picture of you somehwere

  2. god i fucking hate rude prick! why cant they just keep that mean shit to themselves?! i know exactly how that feels. one of the reasons i even joined ana is because one day while i was out and about a couple of guys moo'ed at me like a was a freaking cow(i was 150 at the time lol)! people like that can go fuck themselves. your beautiful, whether or not you can see it.just stay strong, the hurt of those pricks will fade
    meg x

  3. :( <3 It's okay. The world is full of bitches dear. Don't let them get to you.

  4. I have information that will help. Former ana/mia survivor, come to my new blog about adding in what you need and talk to me. Comment, ask questions, offer topics to discuss. Its why I'm here.

  5. aww hunnie.....I am sorry to hear that...good luck with finding a way to lose it and make yourself feel fabulous.x

  6. Rude people are just rude people!! And in this case, stupid and blind people... I've seen your pic, and you are a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL girl. You should believe your husband. He really knows. =)
    Lots of kisses, lovely lady!!

  7. I feel your pain... I had briefly considered shorts this morning... but opted for jeans...

  8. i dont think they were mocking u to be honest. u really are gorgeous girl:)

  9. For one thing, you are gorgeous. Period.
    And for another thing, don't ever listen to the stupid comments you get from rude ppl walking down the street. We call them 'rude' for a reason, right? because they are rude. The have some serious mental problems for verbally mobbing other people. Dont listen to them and dont let that bring you down, lovely.