Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Update

I just put up my story-form post like 5 minutes ago.. but i've got so much other stuff to tell you all. Ok, it's not really a lot, but it's enough to get it's own separate post... i think. Wow, i'm indecisive, huh?
First off, i just wanted to tell you all that i love you very very much. You're comments made me feel better, even after i was all depressed in my last post. Especially Jillian-Amedee! You all are absolute angels that have all of my love.
Secondly, i'm going to give you all a quick update on how i've been doing as far as eating and exercise goes... which unfortunately, isn't the best... I'm sure if you compared how much i've been eating to what a "normal" person eats, i'd still have the upper hand, but i really have been being pretty weak these past two days. I eat small(ish) portions about three times a day, and the calorie intake is probably around 1,000 every day. That is ENTIRELY too much. I truly need to crack down and stop eating so much. Any tips or ideas on how to thinspire myself? And the exercise... has been completely neglected the past two days as well. Hopefully the fact that i got my old workout routine papers and my stability ball and weights from my parents' house today will get me more motivated in doing that daily now. I'd love to be strong and at least have a few muscles again since i've promised Jacob i'm not going to become skeletal. I felt so pathetic when i picked up the 5 lb weights and thought they were quite heavy. I just need to get back to doing at least 30 minutes of any kind of exercise every day and then bump that time up to an hour.
And lastly, i just needed to brag on my Jacob a little bit. Yesterday was our 4 month anniversary. Not a big time-marker, right? Not even something to be taken notice of by most people. BUT guess what he did! Guess! Go ahead, take a guess! Hehe. Have you guessed yet? Ok, i'll stop keeping you in suspense and tell you. He went to a work meeting that morning, and seemed to be taking forever, but when he came home, he had flowers and a card for me! :) Daisies (because i want a daisy tattoo) and purple carnations (because those are his favorite flowers in his favorite color) mixed with a bit of baby's breath and ferns. They're beautiful! And the card is so sweet. He even took the time to write a nice long note to me inside it. I was totally surprised by it, which made it all the better!
Oh! One last thing.. I really think i'm going to try to write a book, based on my story form blog entries. I get a lot of comments telling me that i should do that, and it's always been a dream of mine to get a book published. I'll do a bit of editing and perfecting and try to figure out a happy ending to put to it and then go around to publishers. What do you think? Should i really try that? Do i really have a chance? I wanna try... But am kinda scared of not actually getting it published. I also am not quite sure how to get it to publishers once i get it all perfected. Any tips on that?
Well, that's enough of my random rambling. I hope you all are doing well. Stay strong!


  1. When you'd like to get something published, most people try to find magazines that specialize in their genre...
    And then send out some of your work over and ove and over again until finally someone likes it and is willing to publish it. Hopefully they then want to serialize it and from that ^_^ many good things can happen.

    That's what my Boyfriend does anyways. He's a science-fiction writer and He's constantly sending His stories out to sci-fi magazines.

  2. Oh it's such a good idea! You're such an amazing writer, and your story is so deep and personnal, it would be beautiful. I really don't know what you can do to perfect it, since I have nowhere near as much talent as you do, but I'm sure you'll find a way. And I love you too! So much! I'm so happy Jacob is there to remind you how beautiful you are inside and out, it's so very important. :)

    If you choose to write, will you send me your first draft? Or at least autograph my copy when you ghet published? Mwaha I love you. Getting published is one of my dreams too, as silly as that may seem. Shoot for the stars, because you can do it girl!

    Love you bigger than the sky!

  3. omg thats a great idea! i would buy that book up in a heartbeat. i have no idea how one would go about publishing a book but im sure you can find all the details out on bing or google.
    one of the tried and true things i do to help me not eat as much is to look at pictures of really disguisting stuff online(like roaches and bugs) right before i eat and that usually will kill my craving for a few hours. i made it a rule for a while there that the only time i was aloud to eat was if i looked at 5 gross pictures before eating.
    stay strong

  4. I dont have any advice for how to get it published but id definitely buy your book! and wow that boy sounds amazing! Congrats girl you got a great one!
    All my love

  5. i think you should write a book! but dont have an ending period. you can always "recover" from an eating disorder, but it is always there, and it is never ending, therefore your books should be never ending!

  6. you can get your blog turned into a book by a company that works with blogger. :)