Monday, June 21, 2010

Grocery Store Trip--And For Once, Not In a Bad Way

I'm feeling uncreative tonight, so ya'll are gonna have to deal with a non-story-form post. Sorry. But thank you all so much for your beautiful, uplifting comments. They truly make my day. I always smile to hear your encouraging words. I figured i'd reply to them all right here for once, just because i felt the need to respond to you.

Lacey-What kind of challenge would you like? I'm up for almost anything involving the workout thingy, but have made a promise to my Jacob that i won't count calories, so that can't be involved, but i always love a buddy and a challenge.
WannaBskinny-You think my posts are poetic? That's the hugest compliment ever! I'm in love with poetry.
Ana's Sarah- We shall both get there soon! Stay strong, and i will too.
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell-You leave some quite lovely comments yourself. You made me smile.
Gummy Bear-You're just a doll. :) I'm very glad to hear that you're not struggling in the same way that i am, and i'm also glad to hear that you enjoyed my blog anyway.

Anyway, as for what's going on with me, i'm doing insanely well. I'm actually pretty happy. The other day, Jacob did ask me what was wrong, and, as i threatened Ana, i told him the absolute truth. You all will never guess what this amazing man did in response. No, he didn't get mad. No, he was not frustrated. No, he was not even slightly upset. He took me to the grocery store--i know that sounds awful right there, but just wait, there's more--and bought me almost every single kind of fruit to be found there. He bought me a bunch of vegetables too. AND he told me that i don't have to eat red meat at all anymore. He's ok with me being insanely picky about what i eat, as long as i am eating something at least once a day. I found that incredible. I knew there was a reason i was in love with this man. Lol. But no, seriously, it's incredible. Today, he went walking with me for roughly 2 hours too. I know that's not the best of workouts, but hey, it's a glorious start, especially with him at my side.

I hope you all are doing well too. Stay strong, reach your goals, but most importantly, do your very best to be happy. I love you!!


  1. hey girl!! thanks for stopping by!! : )
    to answer your question about the peanut butter, its natural peanut butter- so you have to stir it up before you eat it.. it tastes nothing like low-fat PB, its unbelieveably amazing- this one was soooooo good!!!

  2. Your post made me smile. =) Your guy is amazing; but you obviously already know that =P

  3. I'm thinking something exercise-y. Maybe 30 mins/day? I know that's not super hardcore, but I'm not looking to be sick (although I'm not trying for recovery either. Just...homeostasis.) Also, I've got a really bitchin' schedule this quarter between school/work. Yeah, 30 mins per day, our choice of cardio or strength. One month, starting July 1st.

  4. I know I don't comment much, but just thought I'd say I read everyone of your posts, and I'm really happy to hear you're doing well :] At first, honestly, I was a bit skeptical about Jacob, but he genuinely seems like a great guy =] Im happy for you dear.
    We love you too!!

  5. You have the most amazing boyfriend ever. He understands you, he doesn't force-feed you, he's with you, not against you. Lucky gal.

  6. i am so jealous i wish i could get my boyfriend to understand like that. dont ever let that go, its a beautiful thing and you are very very lucky.
    stay strong <3

  7. Thats good that you told him. Honesty is the ultimate core to a relationship. I'm glad he took you and got fresh fruits and veggies :) Very jealous indeed.

  8. I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well. It's about time that you feel better again, lovely! You desrve it the most :)
    Reading this post even made me smile, Jacob is really an amazing and special person. You should really keep holding on to that one lol :)
    I'm so happy for you :)

  9. awww, jacob sounds so sweet and understanding... what a reaction :)

  10. wow he sounds like the perfect guy! *jealous*lol
    im amazed that he can handle this so well. its like he understands that this isnt something we have 100% control over and the fact that he is willing to comprimize with you over food is just so great of him. im so happy you found someone that can see how wonderful you are.
    stay strong girl,

  11. Thank you for your blog.
    It really is a beautiful sight for sore eyes.
    I don't know why but I feel connected in our shared burden.
    I know that sounds stupid and crazy but that's what I am.

    I can't believe he acted that way.
    He sounds amazing.

    I'm proud of you for not counting, and I wish I had that kind of strength.
    But the thought alone makes my skin crawl.
    You sound like you are doing great.

  12. yeah totally i LOVE your posts.. love reading them :D

    feel like i'm reading a book their so good :D

    also .. if you guys find a workout challange let me know ;) i'm up for anything!
    tomorrow i'm doing 3 hours of burning at the gym and then going again at night to do weight training :D my sister and her bf are joining me :)