Monday, July 26, 2010

True Love (to you all)

I love you people so much.

You're comments saved me from having a total breakdown and enormous cut session after that binge. You all are my saving angels.

Marcus, you even managed to make me smile with the first four words of your last comment, and the smile just kept getting bigger as i kept reading. You even passed some of that glorious optimism onto me. Thank you.

Seriously, girls and guys, you're amazing to me. Without you... I'd be nowhere.


  1. always here for you girl.

  2. i feel the same way about you guys! it's like .. where was i before blogger ??

  3. You're so so so special and don't forget it! Stay strong and sexy and inspiring. xxxooo Eva

  4. Lovely, you are an inspiration for so many aspects of life, restricting, writing, being a nice person...

    Just do remember always, you are LOVED!!


  5. hun, you do the same for us :)
    much love xx

  6. That text on the picture really gave me the chills...
    We're all in this together and are there for each other. Please don't ever think about cutting yourself. I'm glad I could pass some of my optimism onto you :)

  7. OMG!You are such an amazing person!Don't even think about cutting yourself!I know it can be tempting but you are such a beautiful,nice person!And you inspire me everday!And theres only 2other bloggers who do that to me(nikki+crazy rose!)I hope to be as thin as you someday!Stay strong you amazing person! :) :p

  8. oooooh girl. you are a super fabulous girl

  9. I'm sorry I wasn't there to support you, honey. I'm sorry that you truly sucks when things like that happens, right? I would give up a million moments, a hundred conversations with my best friend, and hundreds of hugs with my mom if it could mean that I would never binge again. Thankfully, for me I haven't binged in a while...:) Read my blog, girl, I could use some support. I've been reading yours for a while but I never publicly followed it. It's made me change my mind about a few things.
    I know, everyday is a struggle.