Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hey everyone... Once again, i'm too lazy and tired to put this post in story form, but i figured i'd update you all on how it's going for me. Remember that tattoo i used to have? The heart with a rose through it that looked...pretty much like shit? Well, i got it covered with this raven and rose, which i believe looks AWESOME. Except for the pudge on my stomach... that's not quite so awesome... My one friend said i looked too skinny as soon as she saw this picture, but i've gotta disagree with her on that one. I can't see anything but my fat gut. Ugh.
Anyways, as far as following Ana and making a compromise with Jacob.... Yeah... That's kinda difficult. He said he'd take me to the store to get healthy food, but he hasn't yet. He said he was gonna move the bed in the room we're sharing so i could work out every day, but he hasn't. I guess i'm just gonna have to be demanding of him and nudge him to get those things done if i want them....which, i really really do.
A couple new blogs to check out: The Crazy Rose and Lighter Dreams.
Anyways, i'll have more time to update tomorrow. I hope you're all doing well, staying strong and feeling fabulous. I send you all my love and hugs!


  1. I love your new tatoo. Supper awsome. I'm getting a tat when I reach my UGW. <3's. Good luck with getting your bed moved.

  2. okay, so I know that this is not gonna really do anything, it's just gonna go in one ear and out the other (well, virtual cyberears, that is), but I've gotta say it:

    *ahem* YOU'RE NOT FAT.

    *bows* thank you, my work here is done.

    But jokes aside, I totally understand how it is. I've been in a pretty bony way and still seen fat, so you have my sympathies. As well as my objective eyes to see that YOU'RE NOT FAT. Anywho, stay gorgeous :) Oh, and thanks for mentioning my blog that means a lot to me!!


  3. Wow! and Ow! Looks both awesome and painful!!! :) Why a Raven and rose? Do they mean anything to you?

  4. Wow you're tattoo is gorgeous!
    I'd love to see more pictures (:
    Of course I didn't want to be rude but I was never a big fan of your previous tatt.

    Nudge away! Subtly is lost on male-kind and you deserve space to exercise and delicious healthy food to eat.
    Stay strongx

  5. That tattoo is EPIC. I love (good)tattoos :-)

    Sorry to hear you havent been able to get anything from the health food store or workout like you want, but I hope you are smiling at the tattoo and drowning out the sadness with it, because you are wonderful, and the trip to the healthstore will come, and you will get back to doing the evening workouts.

    You are wonderful, love love love
    Lola x

  6. That bird really freaks me out, it looks so sneaky...

  7. looks great :D glad you could cover the other one up .. tha tmust have hurt and cost alot of money though right??

  8. Oh wow, that tattoo looks awesome! I hope to be able to get one one day! =) And you do NOT look pudgy! You look great! ^^

  9. I totally love the tattoo!! I can't wait to get my first but I have to wait another year til I'm 18! love hannah xxx

  10. wow ur extremely thin, jealous!

  11. Honey, you do realize you pretty much threw your modeling career out the window when you got that tattoo, right?