Saturday, July 24, 2010


I'm gonna start off by showing you all my gorgeous tat again. This picture's a lot better quality than the last one.... just ignore the chub... i wasn't sucking my stomach in when this was taken. icky, i know... Now onto the actual point of this post:

I sat down on the edge of the bed in satisfaction. "Happy?" i smugly asked Ana.
She smiled and laughed a little bit at my childish pleasure. "Actually, i am," she responded.
I kept grinning. "Happy?" i asked Jacob.
He nodded. "I am. You ate once today, and that's all i asked."
"Good," i said, and fell sound asleep after working for eight hours without a 15 second break, but only eating only half of a chicken wrap all day.
It was definitely progress from the multiple meals and snacks i'd been having for the past few days. And i was proud of that progress. Soon, my pants would be even looser, and nothing in this world could be better than that in my mind.


  1. great tat and i love where it is!!

    i freaken love lose pants!! it could be the difference between a good day and a bad day for me, so satisfying!!

  2. You definatly look smaller in this pic good job keep it up in no time your bones will be jutting out!!! I've been posting under ananoymas for a bit love the blog it's great ! I'll keep posting my support <3 !!!!!!

    - Amber ( not my real name ) : ) ttyl stay strong!

  3. bring on the loose pants! I cannot wait xx

  4. way to go!
    I'm so glad to hear you're managing again the eating and getting along well with Jacob!
    You're amazing