Friday, July 1, 2011

The Clothes Make The Person... No, I Really Think They Do

Omg can you believe it took me less than a week to actually make it back to the library and update?! How crazy is that? I really don't have much to update on, unfortunately... Same old boring life. I do feel a bit more comfortable in my skin today, but i think that's simply because i'm dressed in my own style instead of the style of all the hand-me-dowm maternity clothes i have to wear usually. I stole one of Jesses black band t-shirts that's kind of tight on him, so it fits me pretty well (tight-ish, but not too tight), and i did my make up the way i used to..back when i actually cared what i looked like. If you look at me from the chest up and not at the baby belly, i look very much like my old self, that weird girl that people looked at funny because of her alternative style. Kinda nice to have found something in that style that still fits me. Isn't it odd how just the style of my clothes can make me feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Does anyone else have that issue?
Unfortunately, once again, Jesse has the car which has my ultrasound picture CD in the glove compartment. :( But he does have off the next 3 days, so perhaps i'll make him drive me here to the library on one of those days and upload those pictures to show you all. I promise when i have pictures of her outside my belly, i won't take this long to upload pictures. ...I'm kind of thinking about showing you all what i look like with my baby bump too, since i've always showed you what i looked like before. But then again, i'm kinda scared to do that. It's really not the prettiest thing ever when all you want to see is skin and bones... What do you think? Should i or should i not?
Also, thanks very much to Mich for those websites with alternative style maternity clothes. I have yet to look at them, but i have a feeling that i'm going to want to buy up the entire pages... which is both a good thing and a bad thing, but i'll not complain at all. ;)
And Peri, you are just the bestest! :) I absolutely love all shades of purple, so that lavender will be fantastic. I cannot wait to see those booties!!! I'm sure they're going to be so lovely that i'll almost be afraid to wear them on her little feet... but i'll have to because i'll need to show them off! I'd love those cross stitch kits too if you're sure you don't mind giving them up. I promise to put them to use. Lol. Hmm South Africa... not quite. I live in the good old USA, but South Africa sound much more interesting. Let's just pretend i live there.
And everyone else who left me lovely comments, i don't know what i'd ever do without you. You're all amazing, and i love you bunches.
I'll leave you with this awesome quote that my one friend had on his facebook this morning, and it reminded me very much of myself, and of you all:
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." -Thomas A. Edison


  1. I wanna see baby bump! Love your baby, love yourself. I'm glad you feel happier. :) much love xx

  2. Warning: Comment is all over the place, like my brain chemistry :p

    Ugh, if I don't feel comfortable in what I'm wearing I'm just, well, blargh! I'm either polished or scruffy though, its kinda weird.

    Ok, so USA! It will be heading into winter, so DEFINITELY will put possum-merino yarn as bootie soles, and maybe a whole set of it if I have the yarn. It's a dark purple :3

    Lol, I was casting a baby hat onto my 4mm DPNs while reading your post XD

    You'd better get used to the terms 'Yummy Mummy' and 'MILF' now, before you post pics of you and your gorgeous wee spawn. . . :p Jesse is gonna think he's the luckiest guy on earth, if he doesn't already!

    Man, if I could afford to go to the knock-off shop and get some random black band Tshirts for you I so would. I'd get you Islander sizes so there would be room for all 3 of you in them XD

    Thank you for the quote <3 Hope you have a good weekend!


  3. Good for you for putting the baby before yourself! You can lose the weight after, and yes, we want to see your baby bump!