Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I feel like total shit on so many different levels right now.
I've caught a cold, complete with aches, stuffy nose, and sore throat. The stuffy nose is what's really killing me right now. It's hard enough to breathe when you've got a baby squishing you're lungs, but top that off with stuffy nose and it's absolutely miserable. I get out of breath from just standing up! And of course, all i want to do is sleep all day because i'm so bloody sick, therefore, i feel even more useless than i did before. Cold medicines that are safe to take during pregnancy? Of course not! Why on earth would they ever make those. Gah!
I'm also stressing out to the tenth power sqared about getting this appartment set up. I realized that the carpet does not need scrubbed--but replaced! It's going to be impossible to scrub because it's peeling up and has a bunch of wrinkles in it, not to mention my friend said that her carpet scrubber probably wouldn't even get it clean without those wrinkles because of how dirty it looks. Fuuuuck!!! Carpet is expensive (I priced it this past monday and the cheapest i found was $65.99 for a 9 ft. by 12 ft. roll. We're probably going to need at least 3 of those rolls.).... Maybe Jesse and i should have fully thought this through and looked much closer at the carpet before we signed the lease... Stupid us! Oh, and the electric is still not turned on. I called the electric company and asked about all the fees, and discovered it's probably going to cost us around $300 to get it turned on. Plus, we both have to go in and fill out paperwork and have a credit check and a bunch of other bullshit. The difficult part about that is their office is only open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on Monday through Friday. Jesse is never not at work during those times, and his boss is a dick if he tries to call off, so we're still trying to figure out how we're both going to get in there, and how we're going to afford that ridiculous $300 fee. Why does it have to cost so friggin' much to live?! And that's just the stuff that absolutely needs done before we move in. There's a ton of stuff that will need done eventually after we move in. (The walls most definitely need painted. They're a horrid blotchy beige. The light fixture in the living room is a hiddeous, dark-colored, egg-shaped thing that most definitely needs replaced because it's probably not going to give off much light at all. Oh dear, i don't even want to think about what all esle we'll need to do!)
Stress stress stress stress stress! "Don't stress while you're pregnant; it's not good for the baby," everyone says. Anytime someone says this, i just want to smack them and say, "You live my life for a couple weeks and see if you don't fucking stress!" UGH! HELP! Freakout, meltdown... and now i'm making no sense... so i'll shut up...


  1. *Huggles* Read your lease agreement CAREFULLY and see what your local tenancy authority can do.

    I'll send you light things that are easy to post&won't get pulled up by customs. Oven gloves, tea towels, bath mats, clips for freezer bags, plastic spatulas etc. I've got 3 spare potato peelers, but they wouldn't like me posting them.

    Lol, my landlord had 'newly renovated' my flat before I moved in. . . duct taped over the holes in the walls and new carpet in the lounge. Every single screw stick up on th emetal border holding it down, I needed a rug to avoid shredding my feet! I'm goign to ring a roofer today about getting the leaks fixed. . . He'll need to replace the whole thing! Invoicing the landlord since repairs are HIS responsibility. MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!

    Love you <3

  2. I understand what you are going through to a point and I'm sorry. Hitting the people might make you feel better, however :)

    Good luck :)

  3. I'm so sorry about all the stresses of renting. It definitely sucks when everyone wants a deposit, and blah blah blah blah blah. I hope you guys get things figured out soon!

    I hate colds. I had one recently. I just wanted to crawl into a hole. You aren't supposed to get sick in the summer!

    On the plus side....Dying your hair whilst pregnant is totally. It's a myth when people say otherwise. On the otherhand, being a pregnant hair dresser, constantly surrounded by chemicals is another story ha ha. I hope my kids turn out alright.

  4. I'm sorry about all the stress of renting! It definitely sucks! I hope your cold goes away soon, that isn't helping with your stresses.

    On the upside: dying your hair while pregnant is not harmful. It's just a myth.

  5. Ugh I'm sorry you're feeling crappy. My big sis got sick a couple times when she was preggers and it was awful. <3 I've just texted her to ask what medicines her doc said she could take, because I remember he told her that there were a couple over the counter cold meds and painkillers that were safe. I think she was taking baby asprin and benadryl when she had a nasty cold, but I'll get back to you on that when I make sure!!

    Hope you feel better, pretty girl! xoxo