Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments on my last post. I was so down when i wrote it, and then your comments brought me up again. You're the best. :)
I spent the 4th of July (Independance Day Holiday in the US) with my parents and my mom's side of the the family... Had a bit of a hard time even getting myself to go though, just because i feel so ugly, and i don't want anyone who hasn't already seen me in the ugly prego form to see me that way.. No one said anything that intentionally hurt me... but i did have those common "my goodness you're getting a nice belly there!" "are you sure you're not having twins; you look pretty big for just one?" and "you were always so tiny, now look at you" comments that almost any pregnant woman should be expecting. I was expecting them...but they still cut into me just because i'm having such a hard time with the way i look.
I'm not so sure if i want to go through with getting pictures of Jesse and I done while i have this belly or not. I mean, yeah, it's a unique idea and all but idk.. i'm so fuckin' ugly! What do you all think? Should i or should i not? I want brutal honesty in those opinnions!
I really do plan on getting those ultrasound pics and my baby bump pics up soon. Just bear with me; i'm slow at these things.


  1. I really honestly think you should get thoose pictures taken.
    Once the baby is out, it's too late to turn around and say "oh, I wish I'd done it". Those 9 months may feel like a long time, but compared to how long you're going to be not-pregnant, it's so short. I'd do it if I were you, no matter how I felt about myself. I wouldn't only do it for myself - but also for every one who wants to remember as well, parents, Jesse, supportive friends and such. I'd to give them all a copy, that's for sure :)

  2. There is nothing ugly about a pregnant belly, or you for that fact I have seen your pics over your years of blogging and your beautiful. Enjoy your baby belly it's only there for 9 months, and it's there because your making a new lil life in there. I am glad to see that things are looking up for you guys and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    Stay Stong
    JB xoxo

  3. You should get the pictures done. You'll regret it if you do not. I know the "big belly" comments are hard, but that will only last until your baby is born. After that, you can get back on track and lose the weight!

    Stay strong! <3

  4. You so totally should take the pics!! You'll regret it if you don't...
    But the most important thing you should do is remember that there are many hormones in you right now running wild and loose... So, please, don't pay attention when they tell you you look ugly! (Cause I know YOU KNOW it's their voice you're hearing... Not Ana, not you, not Jesse, not your family. Just hormones...)
    So, go and have those pics taken already!! We're dying here waiting to see that lovely baby bump! :)

  5. lots of people are getting baby bump pictures done, i think it's a lovely idea. and you won't have the bump forever! i bet your daughter would like to see pictures of when you were pregnant with her.

  6. Thanks for you lovely comment, and yes I guess I'm back, although I wont post that often since I'm busy like hell..

    But look at you! I missed so much! You should definitely get those pictures done! I love the idea, and even if you're not sure about it now, then just lock the pictures away, but I'm SURE someday you will get them back out and be happy to have made them. If you don't get them made, you might regret it some day. That's my opinion.

    Stay healthy lovely!