Friday, July 22, 2011

Picture *grimmace*

I finally figured out a way to post a picture that you can see my baby belly in. It took me a while to figure that out, actually, because there's no mirrors that show more than just my face at the place where we're living, and i always forgot to ask Jesse to take a picture for me. Then i saw that my friend Emily tagged me in one of her wedding pictures on facebook. Perfect! ...Ok, not so perfect, i look horrible, and my hair is fucked up in it, but whatever, it's the only picture i currently have that shows my baby bump. It's about a month old, i think, so my belly is definitely bigger now, but you can get the general idea. :/ Jesse and i are obviously the couple on the left. (And yes, i dyed my hair while preggo.) But yeah, there be it. Remember i love you before you comment! Lol.


  1. You look AMAZING!!! You're still a skinny minnie, just a skinny minnie with a baby bump. I love your dress, and I think your hair looks lovely.

    Nothing wrong with dying your hair while preggers. Anyone who expects me to give up my once-a-month bleaching for nine months will be in for a ride awakening. :D

    You are beautiful!!

  2. you look lovely^^
    you should take more pictures, your child will want to look at them when he/se is older

  3. you're a lot prettier than i remembered! awwh :)

  4. why grimmace? You look great, really ^^ Sorry for the comment out of nowhere, I used to read your blog when I was sort of proana, but I'm not anymore :D Anyhow, I love you blog, and good luck with the appartment and the baby <3

  5. You look lovely I don't care what you think! lol Your hair is awesome (blondes don't really do it for me... :P)! Oh! And I must have not been paying much attention to the wedding pics, cause I haven't noticed how handsome your man is! Way to go, lady! ;)
    Hope everything is cool...

  6. Hey missy, I just wanted to leave a quick comment, I've been a silent reader for a while now and I just have to say you look absolutely lovely and glowing with pregnant beauty. I have to say as a fellow girl who also struggles with Anas love that you are an inspiration for others. please never lose sight of the beauty within, even on your worst days remember you are a survivor :)

  7. You look like you'd rather be home with you feet up than standing around for silly pictures! *Hugs* You're gorgeous! The colour of that dress is so you!

    From that pic it looks like you're carrying quite high, you're having a girl right? Boys tend to sit waaaaaaaaaay low D:

    Gah, I've been slack on knitting baby stuff since coz of this cold snap. I'm making myself a vest (sweater vest?? o.O) and my fingers are fucking NUMB!!! Send me some warm thoughts? What kind of house-related stuff do you need? I can send small, light things :)