Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally Back!

Hey everyone. Sorry i was gone for so long... i've just been so lazy lately, not wanting to walk down to the library in the heat and in clothes that don't fit me, but i finally got my ass moving, and i can now tell you all the things that i have to tell you! There's so much...
First off, i'll start with something really simple: i finally got some maternity clothes! Yay! They're all hand-me-downs from people i know, but hey, it's better than nothing. I really can't complain just because none of them are really my style considering they were all free.. Besides, finding maternity clothes in my style is impossible anyway. Do any of you happen to know any websites where i can find some alternative/punk/goth maternity clothes? I tried googling it and didn't find much. If you have better luck, let me know. I just want to buy one really cute maternity outfit because sometime soon Jesse and i are going to have our pictures done professionally while i have this baby bump. I think that should be kinda cute, and definitely unique... what do you all think?
Now, the exciting news. I found out what my baby is! AND it's a girl!!! Just like Jesse and i were both hoping. I would post the ultrasound pictures on here, but the CD that has them on it is still in the car, which of course Jesse has. But i'll try to get motivated and get down here again to post them soon. At least we're pretty sure it's a girl... she had her legs crossed being all modest. Haha. But from what we could tell, she's a she. I'm pretty excited to start buying some pink stuff now! :) We found that out exactly a week ago, and at that point the doctor told us she weighed just under 2 lbs. We got to see her little hands and feet and a 3D image of her face too. So exciting. I'm ready to see her for real now!
Oh, and by the middle of July, Jesse and i should either have our own place or have the money to get it anyway. His new job is really helping out quite a bit, and we're both selling whatever we can to try to scrape up the money. We found some places open now that we're hoping will still be open when we have the money for the security deposits... keep your fingers crossed for me!
Other than that, there's really not a whole lot going on. I spend most of my days just reading a book or working on my cross stitch--which is actually quite an addictive hobby for me. It's difficult for me to put that down once i pick it up. Good thing i've got two more to do once i finish this first one! I think i really do need to be a bit more active... It's just so difficult for me right now because i feel so enormous, and my bones are not used to supporting that extra weight, so something is always aching, especially my hip that was massively fucked up by the car accident. I mean, fortunately all the weight i have gained is in my belly and my boobies...and a teeny tiny bit on my butt, so it should all come off easily after the baby comes, but ugh i'm huge!! And being big like that makes me want to hide away and never go out, even if it is obviously pregnacy. I guess that doesn't make much sense, does it? But it's just how i feel.
Oh well, off to try to catch up on all of your lovely blogs now. Love to you all, and thank you for all the comments! They always make me smile. :) Only 3 more months until i can post pictures of my baby outside of my belly!!


  1. Congrats on the little girl!! :D

    This site has some cute stuff:

    And cute baby clothes too!

    here's another, but kind of pricey:

    A friend of mine shopped in Torrid when she was preggers--it's like the plus size Hot Topic. Not exactly maternity, but she got some really cute outfits.

  2. YAY! Congrats on her being a she and that everything's looking up! I hope you feel more comfortable in your own skin soon. :( you're so beautiful! Chin up :) xx

  3. A little girl!!! That's great!!! Oh you're going to be such a good mother to her :) I'm so excited for you! The weight you put on must be hard to handle... Maybe when you go outside, you can concentrate on the fact that you're showing off your beautiful baby? Even if it's still inside you, it doesn't mean you can't be proud of her :) and of you!

    Love ya big like the sky!

  4. Yay!! A little Jo!!! :) That's so awesome! I'm happy for you both. And, hey! Don't forget that if you plan on breast-feeding, you'll loose all the baby weight in no time! My friend has 2 kids and she doesn't look like it. And she doesn't step on a gym even if her life depends on it, so........ hehe
    Best of luck on everything!
    Lots of kisses and hugs!!

  5. OMGOMGOMG A GIRL!!! :D I have mostly lavender yarns, but I do have some pink :3

    Lol, you should definitely go into Goth Maternity Design. Thats a whole niche right there! Woop woop!

    You're perfectly entitles to be lazy. I remember how much trouble Kimmeh has getting around when she was pregnant with Laurie. Yeesh! It takes an effort carting another person around inside your abdomen!

    A little light exercise, like gentle strolls with your hottie, would be good, but DO NOT strain yourself too much! You don't want to cause permanent damage to yourself or risk the wee one by going nuts D:

    Oooooh, mum-bewbs! I bet Jesse loves them :p they'll turn into milk-making factories and burn any extra fat you've laid down for milk-making right quick :) Don't stress, ok?

    I found the COOLEST bootie patterns! Yours are gonna have possum-merino soles for extra warmness :D

    Cross-stitch is the BEST. It takes me forever though :( Lol, want a few wee kits? They have simply ADORABLE ones at Threads that I always end up buying and never doing coz I get distracted knitting ^.^; I can throw them in with the bebbeh stuff easily enough :)

    OMG EXCITEMENT ABOUT THE PLACE!!! :D Crossing my fingers and toes and sending you good vibes <3

    Random question: What country do you live in? I've always assumed South Africa for some reason o.O;

    Hope you have a good weekend <3 *Virtual backrubs*


  6. Hello sweetie!!

    I'm sure you look so beautiful with a baby bump!!!
    Any thoughts on names yet?
    Lots of love to the three of you


  7. ah! im so excited!