Friday, June 3, 2011

Thinspo? Not Really... But Still Pretty

Peridot gave me an awesome idea on my last post when i asked for thinspo requests. She told me to post pictures of pregnant celebrities. I was a bit wary at first because i really don't see how anyone can look good while pregnant, but i still googled it, and i found out that they really are still beautiful. I don't think i'm as beautiful as them... but then i don't have all that photo editing either. Lol. Thought i'd share the some of the pics i found with you all as well as a picture of my belly with jesse loving on the unborn baby (that's the first one, obviously). Maybe sometime soon i'll even get the nerve to post a picture of my baby bump where you can actually see my face.... Maybe... But thanks, Peri, for actually making me feel like i can still be pretty while prego.

Stealthy, i will do the scenespo post for you next.... You might wanna leave me a reminder though. My memory sucks. :D


  1. My beautiful Jo... Do you have that expecting mother glow yet? Not that your natural beauty needs any improving, of course.

    I am so sorry for neglecting you lately: sometimes I just can't write anything properly and the frustration drives me to obstinate silence. Hence the lack of comments.

    I love you, my dear. Big like the sky!


    OF COURSE you can look pretty while pregnant! You get the nice glow and your hair gets all nice and thick. *Has envy*

    When are you due? I need to get knitting FAST. Spawn looks about halfway done D: Of course, your guy is in the way XD

    Got a bunch of yarn off Grandpa, but I still need to go baby-yearn shopping. Do you know "what falvour of baby is going to drop out of you?" (QUOTING KIMMEH!!!)

    Love you <3

  3. pregspo! is aweesome, my favorite is christina aguilera

  4. Goooorgeous! And look at Jesse, staring at the camera all protective like. D'aaaaw!