Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brief Update

In 13 days i will know if my baby is a boy or a girl. Can't wait! Then in the beginning of October, i'll find out what my baby looks like outside of my belly. That i really really can't wait for. But thinking of popping the baby out makes me wonder, how long will it take to lose whatever weight i've put on that isn't baby, placenta, and extra water? Will it be more than a month? Especially since i'm going to be breast feeding and can't hop right back on the Ana train instantly? I'm tired of being fat... I know it's because of the baby, and i'm not considering not eating or anything else that would be harmful to the baby, but i'm just so tired of not being able to fit into my clothes.
I guess it doesn't help much that i don't have the money to buy some maternity clothes that will actually fit me, thanks to my dickhead ex boss. He's not going to easily pay my unemployment, of course since he's such a tightwad, so i've got to file an appeal and hope for the best. It's just the reason i wanted to get the unemployment was so we'd have enough money to get by until jesse starts gettin his good paychecks from his new job, and since i've got to file an appeal and wait for all of that to be processed, the unemployment really isn't going to help much with that. He's such an asshole. Seriously, you fired a pregnant woman AND her husband on the same day and you won't even cut her a break and let her collect unemployment. Be considerate for once in your life!
Sorry... I'm just so friggin' tired. I've been getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep every night on average because my body hurts so bad from sleeping on the floor, and i can't take any pain meds to help out with that. The only thing i'm allowed to take while pregnant is Tylonol, and that doesn't do a single thing when my entire lower body is screaming in pain and keeping me awake. Last night i woke jesse up because i was crying from being exhausted and hurting so much. I just don't know what to do. I already asked the doctor if they could give me anything, and they said no, but i can't take this shit!
Oh dear, my brief update is more like a long sobfest... Do forgive me, lovelies. I'll try to find the incentive to walk my lazy ass down to the library again tomorrow and give you the thinspos you requested. I love you all, and i'm beyond grateful to those of you who manage to read through all of my whiney posts. xoxo


  1. Omg I feel so so sorry for you. I don't really know what to say but I hope things will get better for you soon. You're such a lovely person.

  2. You should lose around 5 to 7 kg which i think is around 11 pounds straight away - i did with my son and then while i was breastfeeding i ate 1000 cals and one day a week 1500cal (veges I didn't count except potatoes) and I lost 1 kg (2 pounds???) a week while he put on weight and was healthy. I also took him out for walks everyday in his pram for half an hour. Not sure on the conversions as I'm from New Zealand and we weigh in kilograms.

    Congrats on your baby, I'm due in October to with my third. Hope your having a better day today.

  3. Damn, that's so exciting finding out about your baby! Congratulations =]
    But just from what I've observed with other women in my life that have had children, it'll definitely take more than a month to get the weight off. Even at best, it takes one and half months.
    But seriously, that shouldn't even be your main concern right now, just worry about that after you've had your baby =]

  4. Oh I love you so much! Your comment made me smile :)

    Yikes, pregnancy sleeping issues+floor-sleeping issues? *Huggles* That is an agony recipe. Are you sleeping straight on the floor or do you have a airbed/lilo/thing? Waugh! *Huggles again*

    Is Jessie bigger than you? Kimmeh steaks her husbands jeans when shes spawning coz they fit her baby-belly perfectly. If Hes bigger than you that may help. Gah I wish I could take you op-shopping for massive stretchy hulk-pants and embroider "Baby on board" on the back pockets! XD

    It can take a year at the longest to lose your excess-pregnancy-weight-stores if you're not breastfeeding. Since you're gonna be breastfeeding you'll plow through them quicksmart (Like 3 months max?) and go right on to needed to eat to keep making milk :p

    Wow your old boss is pure A-Grade CUNTSACK. What in the hell? I hope your appeal comes through. I'm crossing my fingers for a sweet pile of backpay when bubba pops out!

    SPEAKING of cunty bosses, Seafood Dude's ex-GF-still-flatmate-and-friend found out she was pregnant after quitting her Subway job last month. The boss is trying to CHARGE her $300 for quitting since she didn't work the 2 weeks notice. (They've been jerking her around no end at that job) So not legal there!

    Ah lovey, keep swimming. There are toasty warm bebbeh stuff in the plans and Imma try to slip in a few things for you and the man as well. 2 weeks until I can knit again!

    Arohanui <3

  5. Hey sweetie,

    I'm glad you're planning on breast feeding, and I have some good news for you: breast feeding does A LOT to help with weight control! I know women who went on breast feeding for 2-3 years, partly because they had never found so easy staying thin!

    Anyway, thank-you for your sweet comment. I hope luck will finally strike you and that you can soon get a place on your own. In the meanwhile, stay strong honey.. It's hard, I know, but you are strong!



  6. Keep on fighting hun, and never give up!
    And breastfeading burns A-lot of calories, so don't worry about not being able to loose weight fast.

  7. I've had a couple friends who dropped the baby weight almost overnight, and they were all really really strict about staying active throughout the pregnancy and eating super healthy. And then there was my mother, who never gained any weight during any of her pregnancies, didn't even look pregnant in the last month before we were born, and she ate junk for all nine months and never exercised.

    You're very conscious of your own body, so I bet you'll drop the weight really fast. And I've heard that breast feeding makes the weight come off faster!