Friday, November 2, 2012


Sorry i haven't been on lately... i've hit the worst depression in my life. I'm pretty sure it's because roommate came back the saturday after he left. He didn't explain why he left, but he's been just as messy if not more so, and any time he's confronted, he argues that he did clean up whatever mess he's being confronted about. Yeah, because it so looks like you cleaned it up when it's still there, dicktwat. I can't stand him.
I put up sticky notes everywhere to remind of the house rules, and since then it seems as if he is purposely disregarding them. Yesterday i closed the bathroom door after him once, the trash closet door after him twice, cleaned up the bathroom sink after him, threw away trash he left lying on the kitchen counter, and cleaned the shower after him. He also left his shoes on for 20 minutes after coming through the door. Seriously? All of that within an hour of him getting here after work. So i waited until Jesse came home so he would back me up and i told him about it...somewhat nicely anyway.
When he argued with me, i called his bullshit and told him he did not, in fact, clean up after himself EVER, because i've always cleaned up after him. He tried to tell me "i have to sit down to take my shoes off."
I responded with, "ok, fine, but why couldn't you sit down and take your shoes off as soon as you came in?"
"I don't know..." he mumbled. "But i noticed that black mark on the shower before i got in."
"BULLSHIT! I got a shower today too, and it was NOT there when i got out. I've been in the bathroom many times today, and that black mark magically appeared AFTER your shower."
"I tried to scrub it out when i was in there."
"Bullshit. It's not that fucking hard to get out. If you had tried, it wouldn't still be there."
He had no response to that.
"I closed the bathroom door after you once and the trash closet door after you twice."
"I forgot."
"That's why there's sticky notes on them."
"Well i thought i did close them."
"Yeah, well you didn't."
"And i do try to clean up after myself."
"Really? Because i've cleaned up after you countless times."
"Like what?"
And i listed off 5 different instances without even thinking. "You might pay half the rent, but i do ALL the cleaning. I'm not asking for big help, just a little bit of respect and responsibility from you. If you don't feel like giving me that respect, you can leave."
"Ok," he said in annoyed tone and went back to his room.
I'm not sure if i affected him at all with it, but i tried. I'll talk to him once more if it doesn't change, and the third time i have to talk to him, i'm telling him to leave. I'm not being mr. nice guy anymore. It's putting me in a depression to put up with his shit, so i'm not putting up with it anymore.
Jesse just laid there on the couch pretending to sleep through the whole conversation though. Asswipe. I told him i wanted his support and that's what he gave me? Fuck it. I did it on my own, and i'll continue to do it on my own if i have to. I'm not putting up with it. I CAN'T put up with it.
Jesse did come up with some bullshit story telling roommate he has to get out by the 15th because we're going to be moving out and we need to get the place fixed up, especially the carpet in his room, so we can get our security deposit back. That's partly true, but we're not planning on moving all that soon. I wish Jesse would quit sugar coating it and just tell him how it really is, but he "doesn't want to lose a friend". Whatever, at least he told him to get out eventually. BUT i will kick him out earlier than that if he doesn't listen to what i said. I'm trying my damndest to get out of this depression, and if that's what i have to do to do so, i'll do it. Wish me luck...


  1. God! ur roommate is just so shameless..i knw how u must be feeling put up wid him nd controlling ur temper..but i thnk he will definitely Gud Luck to you..<3

  2. GOOD LUCK!!
    Horrid situation. He doesn't deserve to live there. He's paying rent not a cleaning service! If he can't be a grownup and clean his own messes then he needs to pay double because he should pay for cleaning services. Or something..

  3. It sounds like he's being a passive-aggressive fuckwad to piss you off. UGH I wanna smack him one.

    Seriously, someone needs to tell Jessie that you DON'T flat with mates. EVER. The fastest way to lose a mate is to flat with them. The best thing for their friendship would be for you guys or him to move out. I'm being serious here. I was OK mates with Dolly at school and Uni, but after living with her for a year I can't stand the sight of her.

    Best of luck to you, Sending lots of love and hugs and cups of tea <3

  4. You go girl. Such a stupid roommate. And Jesse needs to be supporting you.