Monday, November 5, 2012


Do any of you lovely people have a challenging yoga routine to pass on to me? I'm bored with the one i have, and it's getting too easy for me. I can't do a lot of normal workouts because of my bad knees and back... yoga seems like the best option. Any help or suggestions would be fantastic.


  1. I have awful knees and tendonitis in my wrists, so the standard Hatha series (sun salutations) absolutely kills me. I love Ashtanga Yoga as it is challenging but does not focus on those Hatha postures. A great link I use is this one:

    Also look at Yin. You hold postures up to 10 minutes (intimidating) but you really learn your body. The link is to a teacher who I took a class with and he's really good. It's his own site with lots of info on Power and Yin yoga

    good luck!!

  2. You should look up Tara Stiles and Meghan Currie on youtube, both really good and inspirational!

  3. Look up Tara Styles' channel and the Bodyrock yoga routines on YouTube. Hate me for it later :p

    Love you <3