Monday, November 12, 2012

Good News for Real This Time!

Roommate is moved out for good! He left on saturday, and i am beyond happy. The depression is fading because of it, and i fucking love it. Last night i had issues getting to sleep because i was so excited about cleaning everything today. How crazy is that? Haha. I've been scrubbing all the walls in the house throughout the week. Not really sure why other than the fact that those walls would still remain clean while he was here. But now i can clean everything else and have it stay clean! Is that odd? Am i too much of a neat freak? I think i am getting pretty crazy with it... I don't know. Tell me honestly if i'm obsessing over cleanliness to much.
On the food front, i'm actually eating a lot of unhealthy stuff, and i'm planning on fixing that this week. Along with trying out the yoga routines you all suggested to find out which one i like. I'll get there.
Sorry this is so rambley.. I'm kind of REALLY caffeinated right now. 6 cups of coffe will make me a crazy, happy, rambling idiot.
Love to you all!



    If it's crazy then I'm crazy too. I had to wash the walls of this flat when I moved in because the last tenant was a heavy smoker and everything was covered in a layer of yellow ick. The part of the lounge I haven't gotten to yet has clean trails down it from the leak roof. . .

    Caffeine is good!

    Love you heaps <3

  2. Hey! I just literally read your whole blog from beginning to present! I loved it all sooooo much! I really related to the first year... Good luck with baby Fatie! Love you! ~Stevie

    P.S. I wanted to email you but I'm worried you don't use that email any more...??? Keep it up!

  3. Hurray! Can I just say you're adorable when highly caffeinated? So glad you're feeling happier.

    I was wondering if I could send you a Christmas card this year. If you don't mind, could you send me your mailing address at

    Love you big like the sky!