Thursday, November 29, 2012

I really need to get up to date on all the blogs i'm supposedly following. I'm sorry lovies...I haven't read any of your posts in probably about a month. I guess i was just trying to not trigger myself. But the trigger is already there: stress and confusion leads to Ana apparently.
And since a lot of people i know are against my Ana issues know where my blog is...i feel as if i can't explain fully. I've been kicking around the idea of opening a completely new blog account and username and everything for quite some time, and i really think i'm going to make that happen. I'll get back to those of you who i know at least fairly well with my new blog address and such once i have got it set up. To the others...i apologize in advance for disappearing from this blog. Hopefully you will be able to find my other blog. *hugs and love* This is such a big undertaking.. i'm kind of scared to begin, but i might as well start now while i still have the time.


  1. Too bad that you're leaving, I'll really miss your blog. Hope you have it wonderful! :)
    Ps. I'd love it if you'd give me the url to your other blog, even though we haven't talked or anything :)

  2. It makes sense though. We need these blogs because it is a human need to be both heard & understood. We here can do that for each other. We keep each other from feeling so crushingly alone. Anti-anas don't get that these blogs actually keep us alive! Because these blogs answer our need for Understanding.
    I always have comment moderation on so it's safe for you to drop your new blog there & just tell me to not publish the comment.

    I do wish people would get off our backs and assume they know us better than we know ourselves.

  3. I know we haven't ever spoken, but I love your blog so so much! I would love to have your new url?
    Good luck with everything if not. You're a fighter <3

  4. So long as I can still find you I shall be happy :p

    I try not to post too much triggering stuff, but the censoring myself wasn't helping and I was imploding so fast. Gah. At least I've mostly stopped myself from doing stupid shit like fasting and overexercising, since they just end up crashing your metabolism anyway.

    Love you, take care ok?


  5. I'd love to have the address of your new blog

  6. Hey lovey,

    please give me your new contacts if you start a new blog. I'd love to keep reading

  7. Want thinspo?.

    If you want true reverse thinspo look at fat people and you will puke bile.