Thursday, November 15, 2012

Caffeine is my Vise

I can't go without drinking 5 cups of coffee every morning. I've tried. I'm a bingey bitchy brat. This is another of my highly caffeinated rambly posts. The crazy part is i don't even like coffee that much; i tolerate it for it's lovely effects. Energy drinks are far too expensive for me to be drinking 2 every day, so i must stick with the coffee. I guess i could do what my new friend Gene told me and shoot caffeine into my veins--just kidding of course...kinda. Lol. No, trust me, i hate needles far too much for all that.
I have been eating an awful lot. An awful lot of junk food, nonetheless. I feel horrible about it even though i seem to be neither gaining nor losing weight, which is pretty much what i'm aiming for right now. I don't know though. It just feels like i'm eating too much. Especially too much unhealthy food. We get our food stamps today, so i'll make sure there's actually some healthy food in this place. As of now, there really is nothing but ramen noodles, which are absolutely horrible for you. Now that roommate is out, we should be able to maintain our food better. Having him gone has so many positive side effects. :)
Speaking of positive side effects, little miss Fate is about to have her own bedroom rather than share mine and hubby's! I'm so excited about this. I'm going to make it so pretty. The plan is to decorate it in books, since she's a bookworm just like her mama. It's either books or princesses... I'm thinking seriously about doing both together since they'd blend quite nicely. What do you all think? Hopefully, having her own room will help her to sleep through the night now. I think it will, but maybe it's just wishful thinking... Whatever. At least there will be toy-storage space other than my toy-cluttered living room! I'm pretty excited. Can you tell?
I miss you all! I really need to get caught up on your blogs and stay caught up! AND i need to post more. I don't know why i never do. I have no real reason... Well, other than cleaning like a psycho on any free time that i have, but that brings us back to the positive side effects of roommate being gone: stuff will actually stay clean so i won't have to clean everything every day! Therefore, it is my new resolve to keep you updated on my life and stay updated on yours. (That sounds a little creeper-ish doesn't it? Fuck! It's not meant that way!)
Another of my new resolves is to do more miscellaneous writing. I enjoy writing, so i don't know why i haven't in so long. I'm going to pick it up again, and share some samples of my writing with you all at some point.
On a completely random side-note, here's a pic of me in my halloween costume. This is what i look like now.. Haven't let you all see me in quite some time, so i felt the need to do so. Sorry it's sideways. My damn computer wouldn't let me rotate it for anything. Grrr!
Here i'll end my caffeinated random ramble with love and hugs to all of you. In other words, Fate demands my attention now. Haha. I love being a mom!


  1. Love your blog !
    Definitely think you should do a mix of princesses and books . Sounds great. How is your weight now? And are you happy ? :) about yourself too.
    Xoxo Jo

  2. I often joke about needing a caffeine IV just to survive work XD

    Maintenance is good, but you're right about the quality of the noms being important. I hope you can use the stamps to get a balance of body-food and soul-food :3

    Book+Princesses, may I just point to Disney's Jane (Tarzan) and Belle? The two are not mutually exclusive subjects.

    You can creep on me any time, but expect me to return the favour :p

    OMFG YOUR COSTUME IS AMAZING! You look powerful and gorgeous and scary. Predator ready to go hunting.

    Teehee I hope the Little Miss is behaving herself for you today. CassieSpawn isn't happy unless she's on Mum's lap or Uncle.A's lap. My Ex is her 'Favouritest person in the whole wide world', it really makes me feel like leftover cabbage!

    Love you so much <3

  3. Hey there, I'm Courtney
    I happened upon your blog while searching for thinspo and I must say your writing is amazing and so inspiring <3

    On another note, I think mixing books and princesses could turn out adorable :) my personal opinion