Friday, October 26, 2012

Good News!

Finally, i have some good news to share! I think i unintentionally kicked roommate out. Either he got offended by the "House Rules" i posted in a prominent place or he overheard my rampage about how he never cleans up after himself after i found his hair dye mess all over the shower AND Fate's bath loofa. Whatever the cause, he just rushed out the door with his bike, phone, and a blanket (maybe with something else in this blanket?), mumbling "See you someday/Sunday," (i couldn't tell which) as he went out. I don't regret what happened at all. At first i felt a little bit bad because i hadn't said what i said about him to his face, but then i thought about it and realized he would have argued that i was wrong, and i would have gotten extremely angry and blown up in his face, so it probably would have ended more badly that way. I hope he's gone; i really do. This place will be so much cleaner and safer for my daughter without him. It will be much more pleasant for everyone too, since i won't be constantly depressed about cleaning up after his lazy ass. He also enjoyed using up all the more expensive groceries Jesse and i bought and never buying anything we could use. He was just freeloading the whole way, and i know it! I'll be so sad if this is just false hope, because i'm so excited about it. I'm not worried at all about paying his half of the rent and the electric, because i'm sure we can do it somehow. It might get hard sometimes, but it'll be better than living with him. He is, however, the one paying for internet, so that might end soon... Oh well, it'd be worth it.
On the food side of things, my diet has consisted of sweets, sweets, sweets... Horrible. That's going to stop after this weekend, and i'm going to go back to no junk food and yoga daily. Maybe if i feel up to it, i'll throw a tougher workout in there somewhere, because the yoga is really just getting too easy for me. Perhaps a more difficult, longer yoga routine so i don't make my knees commit suicide... but if i feel up to it i'll do a legit difficult workout that's not yoga at some point. Maybe. Haha. I'm so very good at making decisions, aren't i?
Random tidbit here: I got this comment on my last post, and i want to share it with you all:
"hey! i need your help my ex discovered my blog so i had to delete it and start fresh. ill tell everyone who i use to be once i get some followers back! lol"
Jump over there and giver her some lovings.
Love to you all! I wish you the best day possible today, because it's pretty friggin' awesome for me too! hehe.

Edit: Never-fucking-mind. He came back at 9 this morning. Fuck my life.


  1. Addendum to 6: Take 'em off you are vacuuming the mess up.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA WIN! Yes, every flat does need a set of explicit rules and a chore roster. Especially with kids around.

    I'm hoping he stays the fuck away to be honest. He sounds like a freeloading fuckwad.

    Aww man if that's Lucy I wondered what happened to her :( Gah don't have permission to read the new blog.

    Hmm you definitely need a bit more balance there. A lolly in each hand? XD Jk, jk. Hopefully it will be easier without the douchebag eating all your groceries!

    Love yoooooooooou!

  2. Yay! Good news! Lovely to hear from you, as always. Oh oh oh PLEASE tell me Fate has a Halloween costume! Or you maybe? I hope you enjoy your newfound freedom. Maybe celebrate by walking around in your undies? ONLY CUZ YOU CAN! Bwaha. And for your knees, more yoga is def a good idea, very low-impact obviously. I've been very careful (haha NOT) since I've been diagnosed with connective tissue disorder... Don't run, make sure you have appropriate footwear even just for walking around and make sure you sit with your legs up every once in a while. Love you big like the sky!