Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So i've come down with some sort of cold, and i'm absolutely miserable. I can't breathe sitting still, let alone doing yoga, so that's out until i've recovered. Trying to keep up on the housework is exhausting, and i feel like my head is in a bubble because i'm not  fully comprehensive of i hope this post even makes sense. I'm hoping that i don't end up giving this cold to Fate, but i'm really not quite sure how to make sure of that other than a ton of handwashing. Any ideas? On the positive side, it's taken my appetite away almost completely, so no worries of eating junk food.
You'd think with me being sick, Jesse would pick up some slack and do some of the housework to help me out. No such luck. I had to beg him to even do the last couple dishes that i couldn't find the energy to pick up last night. Then he came into the bedroom banging around loud enough to wake both Fate and myself up and got pissy when i told him to put her back to sleep. I ended up sleeping on the couch, partially because i was mad at him, and partially because it's the only place i could comfortably sleep propped up enough to breathe. He also said something along the lines of "i don't even think you're sick" last night. Ugh! He's lucky i love him so much, because honestly, i think i do better when it's just Fate and me.
Sorry for the complaint post. :( I guess that all i do when i'm sick is whine and cry about it, seeing as i'm out of things to say now that i'm done complaining. Ugh. i'm pathetic sometimes.


  1. you boy sounds like a real jack ass, i wouldnt put up with it, you deserve much much better

  2. That sounds terrible. :/ He should realize what you're going through and how much you have to do and help more. As for the spreading the germ thing, there's not much I can say but that germs are spread through breathing it in, absorbing it, and "eating" it. Soo just keep that in mind when you are around Fate. Good luck hun!

  3. What a DOUCHCANNON. Seriously! Even The Boy (My most useless ex) would help out a bit when I was sick! Sure it wasn't much, but I didn't bloody have to beg him for it! Inconsiderate prick, I want to mop your floors with him.

    Drink plenty of hot lemon&honey. The honey will help coat your throat to ease any soreness and it will keep you hydrated and semi-functional. Screw the housework! Make it a full-on Manflu for yourself so he has to cook his own damn meals etc. Put yourself and Fate first!

    I have some more cute kitty photos to post at a later date, but you can find them here:
    Dralion being a brat and stopping me from using my spinning wheel:
    She likes to casually hang out ontop of my shower. I nearly crapped myself the first time she did it coz it was dark and I'd just had my ass kicked by spiders in Minecraft:

    Much love and many hugs to you. I hope you feel better very soon!