Monday, May 9, 2011


I never get to post anymore! I miss you all so much it's ridiculous. I've been living out of a friend's living room for the past week, and there's no internet access up there. So once again, i'm at Wendy's just to write to you all.

I believe i've caught cold.. that or alergies are acting up something awful, and there's next to nothing that i can take for any of that, so my head is in a fog and i feel like i can't breathe. So if this post makes no sense, that's why. That's also why this post is going to be so short...because i feel so shittastic. Grr.

Anyway, not much new. Living out of Ryan's living room....his couch is rather uncomfortable, and his mom is rather psycho, but it's whatever. At least we're more welcome there than where we were living. We found an appartment that we will find out today for sure if we're approved for. I pray that we are... kind of. I don't know if we can really afford it because work is shitting on me.

They're practically demoting me for the sole reason that i'm pregnant. Not straight up demoting me, but telling me to demote myself because apparently i can't handle it in their mind. I don't know what to do. If i don't step down i know they're gonna pick apart my every move until they can demote me themselves which will look even worse on a job application. I don't think my work skills have changed at all except that one breakdown in the past. Nothing else has happened! I hate it. It adds to all the excess stress.

But yeah.. that's really all i have to say.. Too tired to figure out what else is new. Love you guys bunches.


  1. I miss you too! I'm sending good vibes for the apartment. *Ooooommmmmm, oooooooommmmmm*

    Lol, what do Buddhist electricians say? Oam! XD

    WTF they're asking you to step down for being PREGNANT?? WTF? Isn't that discrimination? Fuck if I were you and had the energy left to do so I'd step up and work even BETTER while looking for a new job. That is fucking RUDE. Can you go to some sort of Employment Relations department?

    Fuck, maternity leave starts WHEN now?

    Love you sosoSO much. I hope thinks start improving. If they don't Imma come over there and go NATO on your workplace!

    Luffles you! <3

  2. *HUGS* You'll make it. Just stay cool.

  3. I really really hope you can manage to get the apartment!
    Crossing fingers for you honey


  4. I know we live in different countries and all, but there must be something like a work law or something! They can't take your job away JUST because you're pregnant... Actually (and you'll have to investigate on this yourself) you can sue them if they do... Being pregnant is not a disease and you might not be able to pick up a huge box, but you can be a manager...
    Anyway, best of luck with that AND the apartment! Lots of kisses!