Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thank you!

Your comments are the bestest things ever! Peri, yours especially always make me smile. I love you all bunches and bunches, and i love it when you comment.
There's not a whole lot new going on right now. Same old, same old, but i figured i should put some kind of update on here because i haven't in a while. I've decided i should make it a weekly thing to update and catch up on blogs. (Hopefully more often than weekly on the catching up part!) Until the baby comes, i really have no updates on anything that i even made this blog about, so i figured i'd keep you all posted on all the fetal developments on a weekly basis. Perhaps that way i'll be less inclined to whine in all of my posts.
As far as the baby goes, i swear i've felt it kick with my hand several times! From what i've heard, i shouldn't be able to feel it kick from the outside for another couple of weeks. But it's a strong little bugger, and is constantly kicking the hell out of my insides just so i can feel it on the outside. Definitely like it's daddy. Haha.
But other than that i really have no updates... boring, i know. But i love you all, and am now off to catch up on what i've missed in your lives!


  1. OMG you're gestating a soccer star! XD There is a fair old chunk of possum/merino blend left after finishing my gloves. . . BOOTIES!!! INSANELY WARM DARK PURPLE BOOTIES!! I'm far more excited about this than I should be!

    I don't mind bebbeh updates! You should post more often, so you can talk about things and not stew over them.

    Do you have any friends/family who can help you out with getting baby stuff? Like clothes/cot/whateverthehellelseitisyouneed? Then L&L had an unexpected baby (They found out 1 month before she was due!) the fucking cavalry came out at work and sorted them out. I dunno, just rambling in teh tireds >.<

    Luffles you so much! <3

  2. That's so exciting, baby is kicking!! I still think you should set up some way for us to send you baby gifts. Like a blogger baby shower! Maybe set up a wish list on amazon, or something?

    And I hope you're playing baby lots of classical music. It makes them smart! :D