Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looooooong update

Wow. I know i haven't updated in forever, but the internet connection is down at the shit-hole i'm living in. I've got so much to tell you all... i don't even know where to begin! I guess i'll just go through it day by day..

First off, on Monday i went to the doctor and got all the results of bloodwork back, and everything is good there. No complications with the pregnacy, and the baby is healthy. Yay! But then after the doctor appointment, Jesse and i met up with my parents to get our mail that was sent to their house. They bought us lunch at the food court in the mall where we met them, and it was all good. We were talking and getting along quite well, but then i saw my ex..the one who cheated on me the entire two years we were together and was mildly abusive. I crossed my fingers that he hadn't seen me, but he did. He didn't say anything, but he stared at me and circled the food court a bunch of times. Then he went and hid behind a stand like a little girl and flipped me off. We left shortly after that, and i thought nothing of it. But wait, there's more to come on that subject.

Then nothing much happened until Wednesday when i went to hang out with one of my close friends, who is also Jesse's ex. Crazy, huh? But we all get along quite well and he's friends with her as well, so it works out. Anyway, Amber and i decided to go to Wendys (where Jesse and i work) mainly to see Jesse, but also to get her some food. Jesse went on break and we were all sitting at a table talking when my ex showed up there too! How on earth he figured out where i work, i'll never know, but it really did scare me because it felt as if he was following me. He sat at a table right next to us and stared at me with some sort of smirk. We left after Jesse's break was over, and once again, i tried to think nothing of my ex's appearance.

On Thursday, Jesse and i went to hang out with a girl i work with and her girlfriend. We were all hanging out, talking away, paying absolutely no attention to the movie we had rented, and having a good time. These two girls are on fairly good terms with the people we are living with... Let's just say that they can get some stuff that the people we live with enjoy having and leave it at that... But as we were talking, the one girl told us that she had talked with the girl we are living with and was told that she was "sick of our bullshit" and "ready to kick us out". What did we ever do to her?! We keep to ourselves and make sure not to bother them at all. Now i hate living there even more than before.. I was thankful for the warning though... But now, i don't know if it's all in my head or not, but i do feel some sort of odd tension in the house between us and them. Jesse said this morning that he feels it too though. Anyway, i'm beyond ready to get out of there now. In fact, we've been staying out till 4 am most nights, just to keep out of the place. I'm getting less sleep because of it, but i kind of feel like it's worth that.

Then Friday--you're going to laugh at this--Jesse was one of the male dancers at a local club. It was "girls night" at the club, so they had mostly male dancers, all of which were local. Oh lovies, he was so sexy i just wanted to rape him on the stage! Lol. But we both had so much fun with it, and now he says he's going to do it every month since it's a once a month thing. I thought i'd feel awkward having the other guys and girls dance on me, but i really had so much fun. We both had a completely awesome time.

Saturday, however, just sucked all around. One person called off work on my shift, and another didn't call and didn't show up on my shift. I was down two people who were supposed to close, could find no one to come in and cover those shifts, and it was quite busy, so none of the regular, pre-closing stuff got done before we locked the doors. It was awful, and then on top of all of that, my ex showed up at Wendys AGAIN! What the hell? He stared at me and did that stupid smirk the whole time, and it terrified me. There's no reason for him to show up at my work twice in one week. He lives an hour away from where i work, and if he really loves Wendys food that much, there are at least 3 Wendys restaurants closer to his house, so i swear, he's following me... and it absolutely terrifies me... I get the chills and shakes so bad any time i see his face. Usually, it'd be whatever if he decided to smack me around like he used to, but now i have a baby inside me to worry about and be careful with! Not that i really think he'd be dumb enough to do it in a public place... but i guess it's just past memories that makes me think he might. I don't know what to do about it! I called Jesse and begged and pleaded and got him to come into work to help me stop my breakdown, and help us close the store. I'm so glad that man loves me so much...

I adore you all for reading this far on my rambly ramblings, so i'll spare you the pain of reading more and shut up now. I love you all! I promise to do my best to catch up on your blogs and keep mine more updated in the very near future. xoxo!


  1. That is so so scary. You should make sure that you never leave work alone and that jesse is always there to pick you up, because what if he were to follow you home :( Also, you should document each day u see him, because if you ever need to go to the police if this continue, at least you have some proof.

  2. Ok, that is fucking scary. DO NOT leave your workplace alone after dark. If you need to wait for a ride get someone to wait with you. Tell you boss whats going on and see if they can ensure you won't be alone outside at night where he can get at you. Can you get a restraining order on him?

    *Wolf-whistles* Lol, I admire a guy with the confidence to get up on stage and shake his booty. You both get a massive Internet-High-Five from me :p

    Yay for healthy bubba! I'm going to learn how to knit mittens and booties, since Seafood Dude's ex is (allegedly) pregnant too, and both of my mates are going to be having winter babies >.< I'll update you on progress (Or just Vlog and show off what I can do!)

    Lots of love and cuddles and backrubs!


  3. Get a restraining order on him! If it scares you that much, you should definitely do something about it, to make sure nothing does happen.
    So happy your baby is well! :)

  4. So, you're ex sounds a bit creepy... But he also sounds incredibly pathetic... I mean, he just keeps on following you? Doesn't he have a life? Well... That's he's problem! Right? Don't be afraid of him! Is what he's after... Don't let him win at this stupid childish "see how I know where you work and show up to scare you?" game!! If he ever shows up again, just ignore him and keep working and move on with your day! If he has the time to spare, good for him! But you don't really need the stress... You're right when you say you have a baby to care for and protect. Don't let a piece of shit of a man ruin what should be the most beautiful experience of your life!
    Best of luck & don't be afraid to call the cops on him if he gets weirder!
    Lots of kisses (for you, Jesse & the baby!)

  5. That ex of yours has some serious issues >_<
    I hope you're doing well with the pregnancy still! Glad to hear an update from you! Sounds great =)
    Hope that ex gets told >_> looks like he's a stalker.
    Luff joo! xx

  6. Wow... what a creeper. My guess is that he keeps showing up because he knows it's unnerving you and he's getting his kicks by watching you squirm. I know you don't know me, but my suggestion for getting rid of him would be to act (as much as possible) like his being there doesn't bother you at all. When he stops getting a reaction out of you, I'm guessing he'll get bored and stop coming around. Anyway, I hope that helps! Good luck. I love your blog by the way :)

  7. I'm sorry about your ex hun! I know how terrifying it is when they show up unwarranted! Same thing happens to me at arbys. =[
    and as for your nasty housmates, I hope you get out of there soon!!!!


  8. dear Jo, i've come back from a long hiatus and the first thing i did was catch up on your blog. congratulations on your pregnancy! i'm so glad that you and Jesse (strange to call him Jesse after reading about him as Jacob for so long!) are so excited and happy about this wonderful event. also, i was really excited to see that you finally posted pictures of your wedding. it was a gorgeous wedding and you looked beautiful in your lovely dress. that's so cool, that you were married on a waterfall. it looks like you had a wonderful day surrounded by the people you love the most.

  9. Love that Jesse came in to help you closing!
    Also, remeber to take notes on extra job you two have to take care of such as this hard shift you wrote about, so that if you ever want to ask for a raise (or if anyone complains about you, which unluckily can happen since life's a bitch) you can point out nice things about yourself!

    Oh, and I hope the ex disappears.

    Love you lots


  10. Your ex sounds like a total creep! You should tell someone he's been kind of following you, and try to make sure you're always around people when you go out. And if he does try to get in your face or anything, just call the cops, please!!! I had a friend in the same situation and for whatever reason she would never do anything about the ex following her and he started getting worse and worse until he cornered her one day and beat her up. She was ok (and I had him beaten up bad by a bunch of large Italians), but it was still scary. And I don't want anything to happen to you, or to baby!