Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mood Swings

I have waaaaaay too many mood swings at this point. Shortly after i wrote that happy post, i found out that my phone bill was almost $50 more than usual and i started crying like an idiot and feeling like we'll never be able to afford our own place. Why does this world revolve around money?! Why does my happiness revolve around money?! Unfortunately, the pouty, nothing-is-ever- gonna-get-better mood has stuck with me. So maybe i don't have enough mood swings? I'd be ok with a bunch of negative to posative swings. And poor Jesse asked me this morning why i'm always so mean to him. Dammit, i don't try to be, and it's not like he always does something to deserve my snappiness. Surely i can't blame all this stupid crankiness on the baby inside me.


  1. You probably can actually blame the crankiness on the fact that you're preggers. :/ Maybe sit down and tell Jesse that the meanness is probably just raging pregnancy hormones, and that if you're being exceptionally mean he should just walk away and take a deep breath, because you don't really mean it. My fiend (the one I mentioned in another comment, who turned into a homicidal maniac when she was pregnant) did that with her hubby and it seemed to work.

    Money is indeed the root of all evil. When I eventually throw off the shackles of modern society and go live in the forest as a crazy mountain woman, you and your fam are more than welcome to join me. :D


  2. Yup, 'tis the hormones. But don't worry, it'll even out. Think calmly-gestating thoughts before the little bastard wakes up and starts kicking you in the ribs :p

    I was hit with both my reggo AND WoF expiring this week D: FUUUUUUUUUCK!! I think they're in league with your phone company. . . *Sneakily sharpens pitchfork*

    Lots of love and hugs to you <3

  3. My boyfriend says the same thing, about me being mean to him cause I'm so stressy. I hope you feel much better soon, I'm sure you will. Every lady, pregnant or not, has mood swings. It'll pass.
    I also hate how money is such a necessity. Ugh.

  4. Yes Mich is right - Money is the root of all eveil. It control my l;ife every day, gives me sooo much stress. Sometimes I think we should all just run away to some cabin int he vegans and live off the land.....say FUCK U to all the bullshit. But ugh....welcome to reality. Hope you feel better love. I knew some people who nanied through their pregnancy...gave them opportunity to stay at home or at a home where you werent on you feet all day and you can usually earn decent cash. Hope you find something!