Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby News

I went to the hospital yesterday and had an ultrasound done. I've got a CD of pictures a videos from that, which i'll try to figure out how to upload in a little bit to show you all, but it was pretty exciting. In one of the pictures, the baby is clearly sucking it's thumb! I'm three weeks farther along than the doctor originally thought, so as of today, i'm exactly 15 weeks (one week away from 4 months!), and my due date is actually October 4. I'm kind of happy about that... Mostly because i swore i was farther along than the doctor said and i just got proved right. Haha. But then again, i'm kind of disappointed. I liked the idea of my baby being born the end of October and possibly having a Halloween baby. It doesn't really matter that much though; we're going to love it a ridiculous amount whenever it's born. Oh, and in about 5 weeks, i'll get another ultrasound done to find out the gender! Jesse's extremely excited about that; i guess i'm excited too, but i kind of do like not knowing. I feel like i should find out though, so i can buy stuff ahead of time, and tell people what color to get for the baby shower. Definitely don't want all yellow and green! But there's the update on all that exciting stuff. **To anonymous, actually, i do find it rude. You're picking apart my life knowing almost nothing about it. 1. My "boyfriend" is my husband. If you actually were following me like you say you are, you should know that. 2. When we first got together, he went to meet my parents sans makeup and did nothing wrong in that meeting, but my dad simply looked at him and decided he didn't like him. 3. My parents asked me to abstain from life in general, not drugs (which i've never done), sex and alcohol alone. 4. He is definitely not leaving me. Sometimes i can actually believe him when he says he loves me more than i love him (as awful as that might be.) 5. Leave your name when you comment and perhaps then i'd find it slightly less rude.


  1. That's so awesome about the ultrasound! Getting to see the little boy or girl growing side of you must be a wonderful feeling :). Do you have any idea of what you would like to name him/her yet?

  2. Oh! I certainly hope you do post ultrasound pictures. Wow, those are so amazing. I've heard that it's best to tell people to buy gender neutral colors because the ultrasound is never 100% accurate with gender and can give you false information. That's happened to my friend, they thought she was supposed to be a boy. Not that girls don't look just as lovely in blue.

    so excited for you!

  3. Wow I'm so excited! This is unreal (well, for me anyways). You will have a beautiful fall baby, and it will be at such a cute age for Christmas, just imagine! Gorgeous. Can't wait to see the video!

    They say a woman is at her prettiest when she's pregnant. Though you are already pretty freakin hot, I bet you've got that mother's glow :) That just makes me so happy.

    Anonymous can go suck a lemon as far as I'm concerned. I'm just glad you are well. Better than well, even. Jesse and you are going to be amazing, loving parents.

    For some reason I'm convinced it's a girl. And I'm usually wrong so it's probably a boy. Very helpful, I know.

    ANYHOO I love you big like the sky! Don't ever forget it :)

  4. OMG the due date's almost my birthday! (I'm October 6) SO CUTE!
    Please post the ultrasound pics :)
    It's all so exciting!

  5. Wow that must have been great, seeing the baby and everything!



  6. OH that's so cute the baby was sucking his thumb! What a great ultrasound picture!!

    Aren't anonymous comments hysterical? Ultimately, they try to put you down and make you feel more like shit than you do everyday, HOWEVER, the GIANT PUSSY BITCHES cant even put there name or a way to contact them to stick up for yourself....and they call US pathetic? yeah.......

    You are your husband are a beautiful couple expecting a beautiful child. F that bitch. :)

  7. I'm a Halloween-baby! :-) (not that special though! )

  8. i absolutely love baby bellies. i think they are so so cute. as strange as it sounds i actually cant wait until i have a bump some day :) And i totally know what you mean about finding out the gender. I always say i dont wanna know, but at the same time id wanna know so i can prepare ahead of time, cuz yellow is.... ick lol

  9. Libran children are are breeze I tried to have my baby in Libra but he was determined to be a scorpio. Your going to feel great again now coming into your 2nd trimester. You won't need to pee so much, you will have your energy back and also your libido. Not to be crude but pregnancy sex is the best. I am loving reading about your progress makes me clucky lol.

    Love Josie