Monday, April 18, 2011

It's looking up a bit

Well, well, well, i'm going appartment hunting very soon now. It's exciting and scary both at the same time. I'm just tired of living in this house where there's always trash and toys all over the floor that no one ever cleans up. The kitchen is a horror story as well. The ant infested sink is filled up with moldy dishes that no one ever washes. Jesse and i have cleaned up these messes many times only to find them just as bad the very next day. After so many days of cleaning up someone else's messes just to have them come back, it's hard to see a point in cleaning them up at all. We clean up after ourselves now, but that's it. And the rest is disgusting. Ana would have a hayday with a kitchen like that if i'd let her. I can't handle that. So fuck it; i'm not saving up as much as i wanted to. My entire savings account might be depleted just by the security deposit and first month's rent when i do find an appartment, but i don't care! I'd sell my soul to have my own place at this point, and now that dream is gonna come true. Yay! I'll definitely keep you all updated on how all of that goes. Oh, and Jesse is going to finally get a better paying job. His one friend's uncle owns some sort of lumber company that pays it's employees $12 an hour and guarantees them a 40 hour week, so he's going to try to get into that, and his friend said he'll help him. If that doesn't work, he's going through a job hunting agency and asking them to call him for jobs that pay $10 or more per hour. Hopefully he gets something very very soon. We can definitely use that sort of help. I feel as if things are sort of looking up right now... well, not right now, but in the very near future. And for once, i'm not down in the dumps even though i just paid all the bills and all but killed my checking account until we get paid again. Keep your fingers crossed that i stay that way; i kind of enjoy being optimistic.


  1. Anything at a nursing home/hospital will pay good money. I just worked in the kitchen and I got $10.25 an hour. Good luck.

  2. My niece's blanket is FINALLY of my 8s, so I can plow into the bebbeh hat! :D I'll include some bibs&singlets (NOT hand-knitted, unfortunately!) with it when I finish, since I've learned from my mates that you ALWAYS need more fscking bibs when you have a spawn XD

    OMG that sounds NASTY!! Just like me ex's flat when he lived solo, apart from the ants. (Too cold here)

    Yay for positive outlooks! Must be the happy-feel-good hormones kicking in :p I'e heard the sore ankles is a natural part of gestating, but the job will definitely be exacerbating it. I have no ideas this time, sorry :( All my preggo mates were students!

    Sending you both happy thoughts and positive vibings. Where theres a will, theres a way, non?


  3. Jo,
    I'm so glad things are falling into the right place for you!!
    Best wishes for everything (and keep Ana out of the door, at least for now!)

  4. Having your own place will be awesome! So exciting.
    Good luck to Jesse with the job =]

  5. Glad that you are feeling better! :) I know what you mean about living with other messy people... I'm in a share house at the moment and it is driving me INSANE. I hate people, lol. Except little people. They are okay :p (I should probably clarify... I mean children, not... um... dwarfs or midgets :p They fit into the 'I hate people' category, lol) I hope your optimism lasts :)

  6. It sounds like you both need a clean place for you and the baby! However, make sure you save up enough money to be secure when you move out. Its a hard things living alone, dont we all know it!! Good luck looking for a place!!

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