Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to Catch up!

I'm online on my lappy top!! And i'm sitting at the house with some time on my hands. Yes, perhaps i should finish cleaning and organizing the bedroom, but i've been working on that since one o'clock this afternoon. (Don't worry, we're not that messy. We just got a bunch of hand-me-down furniture from out friend, so i've been having a lovely time asking Jesse to move it around for me and filling up the dressers with all of our clothes that were previously either in boaxes or laundry baskets.) And yes, maybe i should be studying for the serv-safe test i'll be taking for work on April 15th. But i'd much rather be catching up on all of your beautiful blogs, so that's what i'm going to do! :) My plan is to read the last post on each blog that i'm following. However, that's not going to fully update me on all that i've missed in the several months i haven't been able to read those blogs on a daily basis. So, if you know i'm one of your followers (most likely you can figure that out simply by seeing a comment on your most recent post), please leave me a comment on this post filling me in on all that important stuff i've missed, and i promise to keep up to date from now on! It's actually rather intimidating. I follow so many blogs that i haven't read anything from in forever... So much to read! You'd better be glad i love you all! Haha. Here goes!

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