Sunday, March 6, 2011

I love you all :)

All of your comments are so awesome and helpful! I LOVE being a part of this online community. It's seriously the bestest thing ever! :) Thanks so much everyone for all of your comments. And i'm definitely still open for many many more.
Random question... which is also a bit of an awkward TMI question, but i always tell you all everything anyway, so here goes: Is it normal for a pregnacy to cause constipation? I've been eating fiber and not a lot of infamous constipating foods, yet i seem to need to use the "potty" quite often without being able to go. I don't want to take laxxies because 1) something tells me there's no way that would be good for the baby, and 2) i really don't trust myself to have access to laxxies at any point in time for reasons i'm sure you all can understand. Any suggestions?
Now on a happier note, i think i'm going to have Jacob's hands superglued to my stomach for the next 7 or so months. Last night he put his hands there and was like "I can feel the baby bump!" All night he kept touching my belly and saying "I have a baby in there," with the cutest little smile ever. I know he's gonna be a really good loving daddy. :)
But that's really all the updates i have for now.. So in parting, i give you hugs and kisses and all my love and gratitude. XOXO.


  1. It does cause constipation. Good luck

  2. Hey, according to the internets it is fairly normal during pregnancy to have constipation due hormonal changes and laxatives or mineral oils are definitely not recommended. They suggest metamucil, moderate exercise, lots of fluids, ancutting down on iron tablets if you take them. Personally I suggest prunes, either regular dried ones or prune juice. Also, drinking nice warm fluids like tea or even warm water can be helpful.

  3. Woo hoo! Congratulations!

    Yes, for some women constipation is normal. I would try some Metamucil. If the water is really cold when you mix it and you drink it quickly, it's bearable. I would also suggest slowly (over the course of a week) working up to the dose on the container, otherwise it could backfire and you'll be really uncomfortable!

    BBC posted an article last summer about women that continue to exercise have an easier labor and smaller babies. So I would suggest talking to your Dr. about what kind of activity and how much you can do. One of my friends stayed very active and her baby weight (breastfeeding helps) came off as if it had never existed. Of course, she only put on about 25 pounds during her pregnancy. I was in awe!

    Best wishes to both of you! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!

  4. That's so cute about Jacob! :) It made me smile just visualizing it - haha

  5. Gosh, I love how you're so comitted to each other. I don't know how many of your followers have been pregnant or so, but my advice is to start reading maternity blogs and stuff like that, it would probably really help.

    Stay strong hon!

  6. YES! it's very common for pregnancy to cause constipation. and your best bet is to just drink lots of water and have some fiber... my first two months of pregnancy I barely went to the bathroom other than to pee a little, it's just baby's way of getting your attention which trust me will not be the first time. wait until you feel kicking... it feels like weird bubbles...

  7. Hey! I'm happy for you and your decision to have this baby!! =) Best of luck!!
    Yes, pregnancy can cause constipation. It is normal and it may go away on the first month or stay for the whole thing... It really varies. You need to eat lost of fruit and veggies (asides of fiber) and drink lots and lots of water. Try to stay away from the laxxies. But if it continues, see a doc and ask.
    On a different note... I'm super glad you say bye to Ana, at least for now... That's what a great mom does for her baby!! You're gonna be a super mom! And I'm sure Jacob is gonna be a super adorable dad. =)
    I love you love all our comments, but PLEASE go see a doctor! I'm pretty sure NONE of us is one...
    Lots of hugs and kisses for the 3 of you!!

  8. Its totally normal to be constipated when your pregnant my sis was. It probably would help to look at past pregnacies of woman in your family to get a handle on what you might need to expect like for example late births and complicated pregnacies run in my family. If you can try to take special vitamins and if its a little costly there are places that help with that stuff. And for baby fat start working out as soon as you give birth and dieting cause my mom would go back to a size one 1-2months after giving birth. And a light walk 2times a day is good during a pregnacy for both mother(weight department) and child(forget why but was on the doctors) Good luck and I'll pray that you have a nice,smooth,uncomplicated pregnacy darling. If you want to know more just message me!I love baby and talking about this kind of stuff.
    XOXO Love, Mimi Bentley

  9. I didn't get constipated until after birth (13 days without doing a poo was horrendous!) but I kind of lived on Snickers. Peanuts always makes me want to go. Try raisins and plums.
    Whatever you do, don't push it! That will give you piles!!
    And no to laxatives, not good for the baby.


  10. I love prunes :) they have a natural laxative effect and are fruit good luck with the baby sweetie and i hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy!!!!

  11. go to your local library and check out all the maternity books you can get your hands now. find resources and educational info related to pregnancy there is SOOO much to know. :)

  12. My mate kimmi says:

    Yes, constipation is normail during preganacy. if you want to poop and are desperate, cut your iron a bit (NOT UNTIL IT DANGERous) Aand drinks lots of water and eat lots of fruit :)

    Also remember to nom yoru cravings. Baby gets what baby wants!!