Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Big news! I went to the hospital today to have the check up on the baby done and everything. Actually i guess it's not really big news considering all they said was "yeah, you're definitely pregnant". I was like "no! really? i had no idea!" But anyway, they guestimated that i'm about 9 weeks along because we didn't hear a heartbeat when they put that thingy on my belly to try to hear one. My due date is approximately October 27, but all of that is based off my best knowledge (which is rather shaky) of when my last period was. They took a bunch of vials of blood for a bunch of different tests. Ick! I hated the needle... but i really was considering asking the lady to take an extra vial for me to take home with me because i thought it looked really cool. Yes, i am a bit sick sometimes. But it really did look cool to me! I filled out a bunch of paperwork and applications for governmental help and stuff. Took almost two hours, but i guess if i do get that help it'll definitely be worth it. That's all the baby news i have for right now though. However i do have some really exciting news. I got my tax return so i went to walmart and got myself a laptop!!! Yayayayayay! Now i can keep in touch with all of you and catch up on blogs and it'll be absolutely awesome! But yeah, that's my rambly nonsensical post. I'm really kind of tired. Didn't get much sleep last night, and this whole pregnacy thing is actually quite tiring. So i think i'm off to take a bit of a nap. BUT i promise to catch up on all of your blogs as soon as i can. I love you all!



    I've seen scans for my two friend's kids that are due in August :D Will you post pics from your scans when you're further along? Are you gonna find out the gender?

    Sorry I'm so slack about the baby stuff :( Things be nomming my time D:

    LOVE YOU!!

  2. Baby news is always big news! October! How exciting! Are you going to wait and be surprised or are you going to try and find out the gender? Any thought on baby names?

    I hope you get all of the aid you applied for! And yay for new laptop!

  3. It's so strange to me that you would buy a laptop when you have to apply for government financial help to take care of a baby. It just shows how young and immature you are, a real mother puts her Childs needs first and a baby certainly doesn't need a laptop, when you have no income you should have no children because all of us that DO work have to foot the bill of your irresponsible and unprepared motherhood.

  4. Thank you darling anonymous, but i certainly do work. I work my ass off and i pay all my bills without any help from anyone. I believe i am allowed to treat myself once a year to something i've been wanting for years. Excuse me for not being able to land a job that doesn't pay enough, even working the 50 hour weeks that i do, to pay all of my bills, buy food, AND pay doctor bills on a regular basis. I'm happy for you that you have a good enough job that you can afford all of your needs and pay hospital bills, but please, don't mock those of us that don't have that luxury.

  5. With a laptop now you can go to school online so you can get a job where you don't need govt assistance :)
    Govt assistance is a cushion for lower income people not a lifestyle, i didnt read the part where AG said she was going to have 5 more babies and get rich off welfare and food stamps. And I also didn't read the part where AG said she would be living off assistance for the rest of her life either.

    Oh and BTW, an income tax return is not factored in as any kind of income, so it is like a "bonus". Basically you are getting your money back that you gave to the government. Plus laptops and netbooks are running around $500-$800 now- im sure equal to a months rent but still not that expensive. Let's get worried when AG says she bought a Benz instead of papmers ok?!?! sheesh!

    I make $35K a year and I can't live off that between rent, bills, car, insurance, school loans etc. I'm not a deadbeat. I'm not an overspender. I don't have tons of debt. I have one child. Live responsibly. NEVER take fancy vacations, if any at all. And yea. Did I mention that I can't live off that???? How the heck is someone going to make it off $7 an hour if I can't do it off $16? WTF, grow up Anonymous!